Am I the only one to be totally unable

  Forum Editor 19:31 08 Jul 2010

to understand the appeal of that apparently popular pair, Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles?

I've tried to understand how people that are so obviously self obsessed and lacking in charisma have become TV 'stars', but I've failed dismally. Chiles' anchoring of the ITV World Cup coverage has been like watching concrete set, and Bleakely seems to think that the answer to everything is to flash one of those megawatt smiles.

Only my opinion, of course, and I'm sure I'm missing something, but I needed to get it off my chest. Adrian is pulling in a cool million a year for his four year contract, and Christine is reputed to be getting the same amount.

Television presenting seems to rival professional football when it comes to being paid for being famous, rather than being good.

  babybell 19:39 08 Jul 2010

Because they appeared on such a terrible programme they appeared to be a lot more entertaining than they were?

  spikeychris 19:40 08 Jul 2010

Don't agree at all - I wouldn't start a Chiles fan club but I really think he asks the right football questions and I know he 'feels the pain' of the common football fan.

Same for Christine - she is genuine and likeable - they worked well as a couple and the One Show was the only thing I watched on a regular basis. That said I'll forget them soon as Jason Mamford will shortly be steering the programme and Chris Evans will make a Friday appearance... so Adrian and Christine who?

  john 52 19:42 08 Jul 2010

I think its a case of if your face fits you get on !!I remember Adrian Chiles on working lunch .
I will not even get onto Jonathan Ross ?? Television these days are just full of talentless people getting paid a lot of money !!

Yes I know I am just a grumpy old man !in fact its my favourite program :-)

  spikeychris 19:44 08 Jul 2010

Do you think you could justify that statement? It is what it is - a magazine programme that even the team took the mickey out of. It jumps from "Danger - don't buy a car" to - look at these pussy cats. Magazine lead - annoying at times but terrible? I think not.

  Forum Editor 19:46 08 Jul 2010

There you are then, I obviously did miss something. I didn't mean to infer that they weren't nice people - I'm sure they are. I simply can't work out how either of them are worth a million a year.

As for Adrian asking the 'right' football questions - we'll have to agree to disagree. I think his football presenting is dire to the point of being embarrassing, and I thought I detected a couple of the studio pundits exhibiting a puzzled look or ten during the half-time analyses.

  spikeychris 19:56 08 Jul 2010

Changed my mind - I think I will start a Chiles fan club and the first order of the day shall be a demand of retribution. I have counted the vote and come to the conclusion that you must correct your wrongdoing.

A retraction is required for the heinous slur of..

"people that are so obviously self obsessed and lacking in charisma"

Thank you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:24 08 Jul 2010

Adrian Chiles, rather worryingly, reminds me of a Toby Jug with an equal amount of verbal intelligence especially in his woefully amateur attempts at trying to ask questions about footie. They are both safe and vacuous, so will appeal to the members of the populace who do not like TV to be too challenging and consider the creatures that Jeremy Kyle unearths are in some way representative of sentient human beings rather than a compelling advert for eugenics.


  ulrich 20:40 08 Jul 2010

That you don't like, you have missed a lot of rubbish programmes and presenters. Television at the moment is terrible. If you like soaps and the repeat of soaps you are lucky, if you like big brother you are lucky, cooking programmes, dirty house/hotel programmes you are lucky.
Entertainment for sad people is what I call it.

  spikeychris 20:41 08 Jul 2010

Hello G, pray - stick your wizard toe in the gene pool to transmogrify the species. You may find you get on better with the result.


  Diemmess 20:56 08 Jul 2010

I'll join the club.

Adrian's charm is his quiet, sharpwitted, good humoured ability to link some unpromising material whether it was working lunch, the One Show or football.
I'm sure he didn't choose Christine the good looking, but far too loud and shrill for the totally unnecessary place she had.

My wife has tinnitus and shrieks of laughter or the brash title music made for constant adjustment of the volume button. With Adrian gone we don't bother with the show now.

Yes we are ancient, but we still think the format of "Tonight" with Cliff Michelmore was better!

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