Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals. EH?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:01 14 Sep 2004

This is rather curious.

There seems to be a sudden explosion of members of The Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals littered over the here

These sites use exactly the same wordage and style of the 'home' page (copy n'paste). Going to click here one is presented with the page that everyone copies but there appears to be no way of joining. Is this a Gentleman's club or what?

Now this poses some rather strange questions....who are ASAP? Have the 'members' had rigorous training? Are the members 'security' PROFESSIONALS? How does one join? How is one vetted? Is there a joining fee? Are there tests etc. to assess the competence of the members.

Naturally the cynical side of me suspects that this is Netfantasy hogwash, so that some people can have letters after their names and appear to be 'security professionals'. So to assuage my natural cynicism could anyone explain how this organisation works, what criteria are required for joining such an important sounding alliance and how it is funded?


  mark2 19:31 14 Sep 2004

You may perhaps have noticed the recent explosion in hijackers etc.

The members of ASAP come from many different forums and yes, have had training in the use of many different software tools and to be able to claim membership of ASAP have been able to demonstrate a good standard of "cleaning up" of the above types of infection. Their first priority when helping is to do no harm to the victims PC which is why they do undergo training at various forums such as Spyware info and Tom Coyote forums.

But not only do they clean up infections but they are also able to assist in the finding of new hijackers/infections and the development of methods to combat the new infections.

Many of the members actually work in the antivirus and anti spyware field and offer their advice and help for free.

  Nellie2 19:45 14 Sep 2004

The point of ASAP is that anyone who is recieving help from a member of ASAP will know that they are getting informed and accurate advice. And none of this try this try that business.

If anyone feels that they have the credentials and knowledge to become a member of ASAP then you can post your request click here

ASAP grew up out of the Ddos attacks against the major anti-spyware sites earlier in the year. We all had to work together to ensure that people got the help they needed at whichever forum was up at the time.

  Forum Editor 19:48 14 Sep 2004

it's that there are very few people who genuinely provide a valuable service for nothing.

Like GANDALF <|:-)> I would be delighted if someone could enlighten me as to how anyone can "undergo training at various forums such as Spyware info and Tom Coyote forums" that would fit them for a life spent helping others and developing methods to combat new infections. I've seen the word 'alliance' used before, and I've always wondered quite what it means when used in this context. I make my living from advising people about computing, and a good deal of that advice relates to security issues. I have to earn a crust, so I charge for my advice - I'm wondering how members of this 'alliance' can afford to work for nothing. Are they all millionaires - dedicated to philanthropy or something?

Can you fill in the gaps mark2? I would be very interested in the facts. How does one set about contacting this organisation for instance?

  Nellie2 19:56 14 Sep 2004

I am one of the 'Teachers' at the classroom at Tom Coyote and I can assure you that there are many members of this 'alliance' that work for nothing. As I do here from time to time.

We are a small band who feel that the future of the internet as we know it is in jeopardy if the malware and crapware pushers are allowed to carry on with their hijacking of our computers. Time is given freely because we believe in that what we are doing is for the good of all of us. There are those that research new threats and find solutions and there are those that deliver the solutions freely and knowledgably to people who ask for help.

I haven't once asked for payment for any fix that I have done here at PCA, I'm not in it for the money.. I do it because I want a safe internet.

  Forum Editor 20:01 14 Sep 2004

It's an informal club, composed of people who want to help others with security-related problems.

Nothing wrong with that - the internet lends itself very well to such activities. Provided people understand that many of the ASAP members are not 'professionals'in the true sense of the word, but interested (and no doubt knowledgeable) amateurs there can be no harm in it, in fact there can be a lot of good in it. The alliance has no formal legal status however, and I imagine this might lead to problems - in theory anyone could display the logo after their name and pose as a so-called expert.

  Nellie2 20:06 14 Sep 2004

Believe what you want. I shall take my amaturish past-time somewhere where it is appreciated.

  mark2 20:17 14 Sep 2004

See Nellie2's 1st post above

the members give their time and expertise for nothing, do the members here charge for their advice ???

QUOTE it's that there are very few people who genuinely provide a valuable service for nothing. END.

Does this mean there's no value to this forum :-)

  Easterner 20:29 14 Sep 2004

I don't think that the postings above actually answer GANDALF <|:-)>'s question.

We are told that "they do undergo training at various forums such as Spyware info and Tom Coyote forums" and yet the site which Nellie2 posted a link for has people saying that they think they have the necessary knowledge to be a member and then the moderator says "Welcome to the group".

One actually asked whether he needed to obtain extra training and seemed to be made a member without getting it.

Surely, as it seems to stand on that site, anyone can join just by saying that they know what they are doing?

I don't doubt their intentions or that they believe that they can help but where is the check on them which GANDALF <|:-)> asked about?

  Nellie2 20:41 14 Sep 2004

anyone can join just by saying that they know what they are doing

No... what you don't see is that members who are admitted are known from the various forums they work.

  Salinger 20:43 14 Sep 2004

Where is the check on people here who post with HELP for users who ask?

Not surprised Nellie2 has taken her FREE help elsewhere

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