All these cables + charges !!

  mymate 16:55 13 Sep 2007

What does everyone else do with all the mobile phone charges ,Pmp player charges ,ipod charger,external hard drive cable and so many more !
I had them all in a drawer but they kept get tangled up ,so then i put them all in little bags in the drawer signed with what they are for but never seemed to put them back right.
I have now bought a awful plastic shoe tidy thing that hangs on the back of the door and i have put them all in that,its great but ugly.
Where do you put yours ?

  Forum Editor 17:45 13 Sep 2007

In a great tangled heap in one of the office cupboards. I always start with the best intentions, and neatly coil the cable around the chargers, but next time I look they're all inextricably tangled again.

People in the office say it's me that does the tangling, but I know it's really the chargers themselves - they wait until we've all gone home, and then they quietly tangle themselves up again.

  Brumas 17:57 13 Sep 2007

I believe they wait until dark to do this, I am also a believer in the Chargers of the Night Brigade :o)

  mymate 18:04 13 Sep 2007

I think the plastic shoe thingy is good for me if i could design something nicer looking i would go on Dragons Den and make millions ! cause i am sure we are not the only people with wires that tangle up .

  exdragon 18:34 13 Sep 2007

Even as we speak, I'm looking at my empty shoe thingy on the back of the door, while all my cables are - yes, you've guessed it - tangled up in a drawer. I'm tempted to permanently plug one cable in each socket (not switched on, of course) then I'd know where they all were...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:15 13 Sep 2007

they wait until we've all gone home, and then they quietly tangle themselves up again

they are mating, thats why you always end up with more chargers thn appliences.


I have all my cables and chargers in plastic bags with labels, at work they hang on the office wall, at home my wife will not allow me to hang these bags on the wall as they look so untidy.

Will be monitoring this thread for better suggestions.

  oresome 19:16 13 Sep 2007

Household Inventory

4 mobile phones and 4 chargers
3 digital cameras and 3 chargers
2 electric screwdrivers and 2 chargers
1 electric drill and charger
1 car battery charger
1 electric buggy and charger
2 household phones and 2 chargers

Incidentally, to save time with the buggy which is little used, I decided to leave the charger plugged into the buggy and simply connect it to the mains power socket every now and then to refresh the battery.

To my horror, the next time I came to do this, the charger wouldn't charge the battery.

To cut a long story short, the battery had become completely discharged because a small current was flowing back into the charger when it wasn't powered from the mains.

So don't try this as a lazy way of not putting your chargers away!

  mymate 20:17 13 Sep 2007

Ok then between us cant we design something ? surely every one wants something that puts them neat and tidy and something thats cheap .

  mymate 20:23 13 Sep 2007

There is a BIG market out there for something cause i would buy anything that keeps them from get knotted up and where i can see what they are without grabbing 1 charger and 6 other chargers are caught up with it .

  oresome 20:57 13 Sep 2007

Better still, one charger fits all.

  oresome 20:59 13 Sep 2007

Of course, it would need that many adaptors, you'd finish up losing them!

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