All at sea in the Boat Race

  TopCat® 16:26 07 Apr 2012

This year saw the most unusual twists to a race in history. First event was that stupid guy swimming directly into the path of the college boats causing the race to be stopped. Then, following another start at the half way point on troubled waters stirred up by the support boats, after many warnings from the umpire the Oxford cox finally sailed in too close and their boat finished up with a broken oar. The umpire had no other choice than to ignore protests from Oxford and he let the race continue, which Cambridge won of course.

Just after the start of the race the umpire began calling many times to the Oxford cox to steer clear but the cox chose, I think, to ignore him, so finally suffered the consequences.

The Oxford bow man collapsed after the race and was taken away for medical treatment. Very glad to say he is recovering well at the last report.

As for the swimmer, I can't help thinking he and maybe others were involved in a betting scam of some sort. What would you think on this? TC.

  wiz-king 17:34 07 Apr 2012

Perhaps he was going to the pub on the other side of the river. I didn't even know it was the boat race today, he might have missed all the usual hype too.

  bremner 17:47 07 Apr 2012

The swimmer, it has been reported, was protesting about something.

He might have missed the hype but not the thousands of people lining the route or all the police.

  interzone55 19:40 07 Apr 2012

This is his statement

  Aitchbee 20:24 07 Apr 2012

The person who did the protest swim, does have a point.

  rdave13 21:08 07 Apr 2012

If you are a plumber can you ‘store up’ a problem in the office of a conservative think tank office you have been called to?

What a daft question. Thought that was the norm....... ;)

  morddwyd 21:11 07 Apr 2012

"The person who did the protest swim, does have a point."

No he doesn't.

Apart from ruining an opportunity which the crews have seated blood over, an opportunity which some of them, at least, will never get again, he ruined a free spectacle enjoyed by millions of people.

Some families will have been saving for, and looking forward to, this outing for a long time.

Public order offence? He should be done for theft (of what would have been a happy memory).

  TopCat® 21:35 07 Apr 2012

Well, I read his statement and at first I agreed with some of his pronouncements, but he lost all credibility with me when I read his ludicrous 'call to arms' list at the end.

What he is inviting people to do, in my estimation, is for them to go out of their way to make life more difficult for everyone and not just the elite. I'm afraid it is far too late for such measures to have more than a nuisance value in the capitalistic world of today. Just my opinion of course. TC.

  badgery 22:11 07 Apr 2012

morddwyd "No he doesn't."

Yes he does!

He was performing an act of protest, which entailed no risk to anyone, to publicise his grievance. You may disagree with his views, but not his right to protest.

In this country are we not allowed to have a peaceful protest any more?

ps How I would love to be in court to hear the proceedings of "Theft of my happy memory" !!

  interzone55 22:29 07 Apr 2012


He was performing an act of protest, which entailed no risk to anyone

Are you sure about that?

He risked his life by swimming between the boats, he could easily have drowned if hit by an oar.

He risked the lives of the boat crews, they could have collided and sunk.

To my mind he's no different to the idiot who chained himself to the goalpost during the Everton / Man City match earlier in the year. He's made a gesture, but it was fool hardy and will lead a court case which we'll all have to pay for. I hope he isn't saddled with a lawyer who went to a public school and an elite university. Maybe he can be found a lawyer who studied at Open University...

  Aitchbee 22:39 07 Apr 2012

alan14 - the idiot comedian who recently swam for charity, in a polluted river, and got sick (swallowing river water), but continued on his 'publicity stunt' (Walliams), is now raking in the money as a 'Judge' on a TV talent contest.

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