All in the mind - official

  Kate B 16:51 26 Jul 2007

click here Praise be, some sense amid the fog of nonsense about alleged sensitivity to phone masts.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:08 26 Jul 2007

Hopefully this will silence some of the hippy, tree-hugging, beardy, sandal wearers around here....and there are many of them.


  Cymro. 17:16 26 Jul 2007

Over the last few years there seems to have developed a kind of hostility to anything and everything scientific. I suspect that some of this was bought on by the way that the then government handled the "mad cow" disease. The media especially certain newspapers just love to feed the more naive of us who just love any sort of crises.

  Forum Editor 17:44 26 Jul 2007

which has a telephone exchange nearby, on top of which is a cluster of mobile phone masks. About ten other people work in the clinic, and nobody has ever made any comment about the masts until recently, when a patient started talking about how he felt 'ill' whenever he came for a consultation (He is ill, that's why he attends the clinic, but that's another matter), because of those 'Microwave transmitters on top of that building'.

Since that day, two of my wife's colleagues have started reporting symptoms, which they put down to the 'radio waves' coming from the masts.

I'm going to email your link to them right now - thank goodness for a ray of sanity.

  wee eddie 19:33 26 Jul 2007

is well documented.

Whether that fear is based on fact appears to be, more or less, irrelevant. I feel sorry for those that are convinced that something is going to harm them because such a conviction is hard to overcome.

  mrwoowoo 01:21 27 Jul 2007

"All in the mind - official",i think not.
Not a great believer in phone masts doing much harm,but not a great believer in every study or research result either.
Seems all foods have at one time been linked to cancer until more research pops up to contradict the first findings before more research turns it full circle again.If you stopped eating food with a one time cancer link,you would die of starvation long before any cells started to run amok.
Question..Even those who believe it's a load of rubbish,would you move to a house with a mast very close to your chosen house?
Surely a little doubt?

  Input Overload 01:54 27 Jul 2007

Radio waves are natural phenomena & emit from lightening & other natural earthly causes & have been bombarding earth from stars & galaxies for billions of years. It is all in the mind.

  Pesala 05:47 27 Jul 2007

Just looking at phone masts makes me sick. They don't have to be switched on. I would much rather look at trees.

  Kate B 09:36 27 Jul 2007

Now that I do understand, Pesala!

  anskyber 09:47 27 Jul 2007

One of the many designs if you prefer trees. click here

  4gig 10:00 27 Jul 2007

Not sure about the dangers from the masts but House for Sale sitting next to phone masts may speak more volumes than any so-called research.

Who would buy a property next to one then?
Would you? Surely this is the acid test.

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