All Fool's Day

  Bingalau 09:18 01 Apr 2007

Has anybody been caught out with a good one yet?

  Totally-braindead 09:38 01 Apr 2007

A day just for me, how thoughtful.

  laurie53 10:04 01 Apr 2007

Not yet but it's it's only 10.00 am!


  anskyber 10:29 01 Apr 2007

I like the spaghetti one. click here

  p;3 10:41 01 Apr 2007

someone seems to consider one of my requests for help as an'April fools day' joke; I for one don't

at least I do not have to be at work to day ;

  Cymro. 10:59 01 Apr 2007

The sad thing I find about the spaghetti thing is that I find

myself old enough to remember it. I wonder what sort of things today's papers have thought up.

  Al94 11:09 01 Apr 2007

This one worked! click here

  josie mayhem 11:16 01 Apr 2007

I think it must have been Grandstand back in the early 90's who pulled a April Fool stunt...

It was when the presenter sat at his desk and you could see the office behind him which would have the odd person sat working at a desk...

Can't remember whether they pulled it at the begining or the end of the program but has the presenter read out the sporting details you could see over his shoulder one bloke go over to to another bloke sat at his desk, a chat turns into a agrument and then they end up fighting rolling all over the desks... with the presenter apparently oblivious to whats going on behind him!

  cycoze 11:26 01 Apr 2007

You can see the video from a BBC page click here

scroll to the bottom of the page, that was a good one.

  sidecar sid 11:39 01 Apr 2007
  Forum Editor 11:46 01 Apr 2007

produced a full-blown economic supplement on an entirely fictitious country. People were phoning the paper, wanting to know how they could invest.

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