All change

  jack 09:40 27 Nov 2010

Since BT installed the fibre cabinet at the end of my road and I like other around and about been bombarded with flyers and mail about the virtues of 'Infinity'- I have thought- shall I shan't I, from time to time.
Nah I thought, my existing provider is fine I have had no problems to speak of- self inflicted ones excepted.
Then the bombshell- the ISP is shutting up shop in January.
So do I shift to the fibrefolk or stay under the new label of SKY and will it be an automatic absorption- such as Tiscali and others into TalkTalk or will I have to sign up afresh?
Questions Questions - I have printed off the in depth detail and posed my own query to the UKonline support team.
Now I guess I wait with baited breath.

  johndrew 11:33 27 Nov 2010

Did you see that piece on TV where the pensioner was with TalkTalk? They decided to 'impose' broadband into the package even though the customer doesn't have a PC. When complaints were made and a request to remove it from the bill they ended up disconnecting her even though she was fully paid up for all her bills - in fact TalkTalk owed her money for the broadband she didn't ask for.

Took a long time to resolve with the 'excuse' that they had taken her original supplier over and 'standardised' the package to fit their schemes.

Not a company I would wish to do business with.

  jakimo 11:39 27 Nov 2010

the link is just one of many reported complaints about Talk\Talk

click here

  jack 12:49 27 Nov 2010

and the time I have spent resolving them for others.
TT is NOT on my short list.
As I said if SKY simply incorporate UKonline then I would not be too worried.
But if I have to start-over then 'Infinity' is a possibility- after all,that 'Wardrobe' at the end of the street is humming away and so far the price is comparable-from what I can read in the technobabble- or should I say sales obscuration.
I wonder how many around and about have taken advantage yet?

  uk-wizard 13:24 27 Nov 2010

I have just changed to sky from ukonline and it was (almost) painless.
The initial call to sky was fun - none of their advisor's seemed to know about the ukonline offer. I had to setup a new account with sky and they tried to flog me TV until we went down the 'test your line' bit of the setup and they decided that that was not really an option - oh we can only offer you a up to 4mbs connection! Took 10 days to get me a free router (spare - still using the old one) and they managed to find the MAC all by themselves so I did not have that bother. Been on sins last night and have not checked the speed at peak time but am getting 2.2mb/s at the moment.

  CurlyWhirly 07:48 28 Nov 2010

My mother left Talk Talk a few months ago to go back to BT as she had broadband on her package which she never agreed to.

She doesn't even have a PC or know how to switch one on!

At the time she rang me up and asked me what the device was that she had signed for.

It turned out to be a router and she didn't even know what it was for.

She sent it back at her own expense as there was no pre-paid package included.

In the end Talk Talk disconnected her as they said that she was breaching her contract and she was left without a phoneline for a few weeks until the transfer to BT.

She was even asked to pay for charges that she didn't owe although, since I rang them up on her behalf, they have since said that they will let the outstanding charges be dropped as a gesture of goodwill!

She didn't even owe these broadband charges only the line rental and call charges which she paid.

It was an upsetting experience for my mother as she relies on her phoneline.

I personally wouldn't touch Talk Talk with a barge pole.

  jack 10:18 28 Nov 2010

Had a response from UKonline-
No auto transfer to SKY- albeit the same firm-Easynet- Mac code and start over as a new account wherever one decides to go..
So now a long study of what is on offer to follow.

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