This is all about computers F.E.

  zootmo 20:21 03 Aug 2004

I found this whilst trawling the net, it seems to me to be a cool, lucid, informed commentary on computers. Not a Microsoft v Linux debate but an in depth tutorial (for anyone who wants one) into what hardware/software firewalls can and cannot do for your security.

It describes that main differences between Windows and open source OS's and describes what weaknesses are apparent in both systems and why. So if any Forumite fancies a long but interesting read, click here and get back on the forum with your views please.

  Valvegrid 21:12 03 Aug 2004

It looks an interesting read, but white writing on black background, oh how I hate white writing on a black background, I'll cut and paste it onto a Word doc then read it thanks.

  Valvegrid 21:46 03 Aug 2004

Yes, that is an interesting read, like I've always said, there's no better A/V program than the one between one's ears.

I've never liked Windows, because of all it's interdependencies, that's why I've started using Linux.

  Chegs ® 00:47 04 Aug 2004

I think it was Taran who said "a linux PC,unless its properly cfg'ed was just as easy to hack as a windows PC"(or similar) The world is using windows,whereas linux is only used by "the geek at No.7" I like linux,its hard work but it stimulates my interest in the components and improves my keyboard skills(it used to take a hour to respond to posts before I started with linux)but the inescapable fact is,increase the number of linux users and the reports of these exploits would start being about linux PC's too.

zootmo:I have saved that page to peruse later this morning,when its a bit more peaceful round here.(and I dont like white on black either)

  Forum Editor 07:08 04 Aug 2004

there's only one way that Linux is ever going to make a really important inroad into the desktop market, and that's by being easy to set up and use. Forget about 'interdependencies' and all the other hundred justifications that Linux users come up with - the average person isn't that interested.

When Linux is easy to install, configure and use, and when it works with most of the hardware software that's out there it will truly be able to call itself a serious challenger to Windows.

The article is interesting enough in itself, but how anyone expects to attract a wide readership with white text on black defeats me.

  zootmo 12:33 04 Aug 2004

With respect, I hadn't started a Windows v Linux debate. I was only pointing to the fact that the article was (I thought) interesting, and I couldn't agree more about the white on black blackground.

As far as I can see, the articles author may have had a valid point in saying that the Linux computing model has plus points in being an "open" system whereby any suffciently competent programmer could see faults in software just because the code is "open" to all.

Also that firewall discusion in the article was informative, especially for any newcomers to computers, and there have been a lot of threads on the Forum of late discussing just that.

Finally, I enjoy computers and computing, does that mean that I should close my mind to other OS's and use only Microsoft products and OS's because they are easier to use?

I can remember a time when I found Windows difficult to use, now because I'm "into" computing I feel fairly competant in configuring, building and troubleshooting a Windows machine. So if you can learn one system, you can learn another, and fairly easily,no?

  zootmo 12:44 04 Aug 2004

I really enjoyed that comment of yours "The best A/v program is the one between your ears" it made me laugh or lol is it? Well said!

Regards Z

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