All that

  octal 20:16 24 Nov 2010

just to change a light bulb.

click here

OK, who managed to watch it to the end?

  ams4127 20:43 24 Nov 2010

There isn't enough money in the whole world that would get me up there.

  lotvic 20:53 24 Nov 2010

I watched it all the way through and then 'huh' it didn't show the actual changing the bulb. No way I would ever climb up there.

I did wonder how they managed to build/erect the thing in the first place.

  octal 20:54 24 Nov 2010

It's strange, I used to climb 100' masts and think nothing of it, but over 1000'? No way, no good reason because I could have been killed falling off a 100' mast as well as 1000', it must be something psychological about it.

  Chris the Ancient 09:43 25 Nov 2010

I get vertigo on a thick shag-pile carpet!

  egapup 10:17 25 Nov 2010

Wonder who much danger money they get??

  Quickbeam 10:20 25 Nov 2010

I got vertigo watching the last re-make of King Kong on the big screen when he was on top of the Chrysler building at the end!

  Quickbeam 10:38 25 Nov 2010

has anyone else noticed that the background Bing ad on this page of a city at night gives the same strange feeling of travelling without moving when you scroll the page. Just like when your on a train in the station and for a moment you're not sure if it's you or the train next to you that's moving off...

  Blackhat 10:58 25 Nov 2010

This reminds me of a video posted a while ago.
Please be seated when veiwing, it gets scarey.
click here

  peter99co 12:32 25 Nov 2010

That seemed to be a big bag of tools just to change a bulb.

  SimpleSimon1 14:33 25 Nov 2010

Ah, but in the best tradition of fitters all over world, remember that it will also need to contain:

- Kettle
- Mug
- Tea/coffee
- Sugar
- copy of 'The Sun' (or local equivalent)
- 6-year old Girlie calendar
- Loo paper

Have I missed anything? :-)

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