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  royalflush 18:36 19 Mar 2007

This is a website on a very unfortunate young boy that lost both his arms when a rocket blew his parents home up & killed everyone in his family (as if he hadnt suffered enough)
The reason i have used this as a post is cause if you look at the very bottom of the website you will see a amount of dollars that the Iraq was has cost so far...
If this is a genuine total then i think it needs to be addressed as that money could cure world famine forever & regarless of the american goverments reasons for going out there thats simply too much money....

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  Zero G 18:39 19 Mar 2007

Sadly in War there are always innocent people who's lives get blighted by the actions of the Military.

  anskyber 19:23 19 Mar 2007

While I applaud your intentions I regret I cannot agree with you that switching investment would "cure" the world famine.

I think it's one of the big fallacies supported by those who do not support whatever subject has been chosen for criticism, be-it war, space travel or the origin of the navel.

World famine will never be solved by feeding the people even though it may help many who starve. World famine is more a function of the political and social circumstances in whatever area you choose to examine.

  Watchful 20:08 19 Mar 2007

I'll second that. You can feed the people in the short term but long-term, as there is more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet, it is sadly down to the politics of the area even more than any natural disaster.

  royalflush 21:11 19 Mar 2007

"anskyber" i state that not through my own words but from a "high ranking" officer in the uk army who i had contacts with he stated that if the whole world's army's/military would stop its funding for just ONE DAY that would be enough to cure the whole world famine whilst i respect your oppinion & iam no or the less on this i am mearly a middleman...intresting though...

  Forum Editor 22:57 19 Mar 2007

that it's up to America to decide how it spends its defense budget, and if you believe that world famine can be cured 'forever', simply by spending money you have a big learning curve ahead.

  anskyber 22:58 19 Mar 2007

However "high ranking" your source may be it's not about money.

If money is the answer then all the well meaning agencies in the world would crack the problem in the end.

Agencies are simply chasing the problem not helping to solve it. Honestly, I wish they could.

  royalflush 23:34 19 Mar 2007

Me too mate me too


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