Alan Sugar documentary

  Covergirl 12:42 12 Jan 2009

Really good Money Programme documentary on Beeb2 last night about Alans business over the years.

I thought someone else might have made a mention of it but not where I can see it.

Love him or hate him, he got PCs (or rather his version of the PC) into a lot of offices. If you were around in the mid '80s you probably used one. Not bad considering his first foray into the business world was selling beetroot !

If you get chance, catch the repeat or find it on the BBC's iPlayer

  pcmags 12:50 12 Jan 2009

Recorder most of it, but did see the bit about Sir Alan employing Women.
Fiona Bruce got a tad upset, was he doing it to wind her up?

  Al94 13:02 12 Jan 2009

No, he did it because that is what he believes with considerable justification!

  Zaphod 3 13:07 12 Jan 2009

He definitely had a wry smile as it was mentioned

  pchelper001 15:16 12 Jan 2009

My favourite part was when he admitted that the Sky dishes were made for only £1! No wonder my Dad had so many problems with them ;-)

  Stuartli 20:56 13 Jan 2009

When I was honourary secretary at my local club in the late80s/early 90s I bought an Amstrad PCW 8256 for the office (£399).

It was terribly slow (even for those days) and printing out the club membership list, for instance, took more than an hour.

Ironically I had to convince the club committee before buying it that it wouldn't become obsolete in the foreseeable future...:-)

The same scenario arose with the club's first 286 system not all that long afterwards.....

  Stuartli 20:58 13 Jan 2009

I enjoyed the Alan Sugar programme - I know quite a few very successful businessmen and I saw glimpses of all of them in Sugar's approach and behaviour.

  Forum Editor 23:54 13 Jan 2009

as far as his attitude to employing women is concerned, but he knows it, and he knows that some people love to hear him rattling on about equality employment laws, so he duly obliges.

Some of the most senior people in his organisation are women, he's not stupid, and he recognises ability when he sees it. Don't be fooled by his bluster and barrow-boy attitude, he plays to his audience.

  Chegs ®™ 00:30 14 Jan 2009

I found out about this program from the forum,so went & got it through iPlayer.I actually enjoyed watching "Sir Alan" trying to size up whoever he was speaking to and when he decided to rattle Fiona,I laughed.

  SimpleSimon1 09:13 14 Jan 2009

I used to work at a sugar refinery with an IBM Sys38 mainframe. In those days, the norm was using [a lot of] IBM dumb terminals to access it but, with a certain amount of kicking, you could also use IBM PS2's fitted with a 3270 card.

Naturally, the letters IBM on the kit meant our terminal budget was large and we used to get Christmas cards from our IBM account manager.

When we get hold of an Amstrad 1640, it wasn't long before we worked out how to take it apart and fit the IBM card into it. The local Amstrad supplier did us a really low (and I do mean REALLY LOW) price on 200 of the PCs and we replaced all the IBM PS2's.

The face of the IBM Account Manager when he next visited site and saw all the Amstrad PCs plugged into the System 38 was a picture.....funny, we never got a Christmas card from him, after that :-)

Always had a soft spot for AS because of that even though subsequent kit was never as groundbreaking.

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