Al-Megrahi freed

  oresome 13:41 20 Aug 2009

On compassionate grounds. A decision that is sure to polarise views.

I support the judgement provided he has but a few days to live. What do others think?

  dagnammit 13:44 20 Aug 2009

He didn't give the people on the plane a chance.

  bremner 13:46 20 Aug 2009

He should have died in prison.

  Pamy 13:49 20 Aug 2009

are we 100% sure he did it?

  John B 13:49 20 Aug 2009

(for what it's worth) is that he is innocent and shouldn't have locked up in the first place.

  kieronkirk 14:11 20 Aug 2009

Consider the very deliberate and measured remarks of the Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill.
Look beyond the”headline comments” as to the reasons for the “compassionate grounds for release”.
Question the “understanding” between the UK and US governments as to the fate of al Megrahi and the unwillingness of Jack Straw and Hilary Clinton to admit to such an “understanding”.
Consider the prisoner exchange agreement between the UK and Libyan governments.
The Scottish government asked for an exception to be made as the only Libyan prisoner in a Scottish Jail was al-Megrahi! The UK government refused.
Either listen again or read a transcript of Kenny MacAskill’s statement.
There is much to be gained not only as to what he said, but how he said it.

  tein 14:13 20 Aug 2009

IMHO i belive he's innocent! ive done some reaserching into this case & i found lots of unanswered questions from the UK goverment & a couple of others including the american goverment, it seems to be very "Hush Hush" & i dont think we will ever know who really did the bombing! its a dissgrace how the people who knew what has happened can sleep at night all these years later knowing all them poor children & infant died some of which was still alive whilst falling to the earth! what a horror to come accross!

Al-Megrahi was a scapegoat for the goverments! Up until a short while ago i belived he had done the bombing! but like ive stated its purely my oppinion!
Heres some links:
Showing the seating plan & a idea of who & how many perished: click here

& a story of it! click here

  kieronkirk 14:22 20 Aug 2009


It is alleged that the only witness,a Maltese shopkeeper, was payed $2 million to testify against al-Megrahi.

It is also alleged that a security breach occured in the early hours of the 21st December 1998 at Heathrow Airport.Pan Am103 was destroyed some 12 hours later over Scotland.

  Chegs ®™ 14:38 20 Aug 2009

If the bomb had exploded a few minutes earlier,I and many of my friends could have been the victims on the ground.I still remember the night it happened clearly,I was sat talking to friends in scotland on the CB.

Al-Megrahi was found guilty by a court and sentenced to life,this should mean life.

  tein 14:39 20 Aug 2009

Here have a look at this!

click here

  tein 14:44 20 Aug 2009

Chegs ®™

IF your convicted by a court it doesnt mean that you are 100% guilty! time & time again we see people released from prison after being wrongly convicted! There is a huge amount of political intrest in this!
We may NEVER find the reason & who did this! unless one day someone that does know decides Now is the time! & feels towards the 270 people that lost there lives! i think if i was a family member of one of the dead i'd Very angry at the way this WHOLE case has been handled by the UK/American Goverments! Its just not good enough!

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