Aitken, cannot keep a good man down?

  newman35 08:05 11 Nov 2007

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Great, isn't it that a former Tory criminal can now pick up a 'top' political post again - and they say crime doesn't pay!!!
He says it's a cause 'dear to his heart', and dear for the taxpayers wallets, no doubt.

  Forum Editor 08:25 11 Nov 2007

which is that this appointment will not be "dear for the taxpayers wallets", but will be funded by the Tory party, and that gets its money from party supporters.

The second point worth noting is that if you're going to have a study into prison reform it doesn't do any harm if it's run by someone who has actually seen a prison from the inside.

I'm no Aitken fan, but he's qualified to do this job, and if the party wants him it's up to them I suppose.

  laurie53 10:17 11 Nov 2007

Who better? For once a politician who will know whereof he speaks.

  JanetO 10:36 11 Nov 2007

He comes across to me as being someone who's learned his lesson, is less arrogant than he once was, and is humbler as a result.

  newman35 10:36 11 Nov 2007

I take back the 'cost' remark, if it is to be funded by the Tory Party.

Gary Glitter will be getting excited about chairing a committee for the Tories on his own specialised knowledge, I suppose!

  hssutton 15:27 11 Nov 2007

So first of all you complain about the cost to the tax payer and now you are saying that the Tories are into phaedophilia

  anskyber 15:49 11 Nov 2007

Well the Tories did have a choice of those with a criminal record to choose from.

I am no Aitkin fan either but if the criminal justice system is seen to work we have to accept he did his time and might just therefore be in a very good position to contribute to the debate.

You never know he may actually surprise a few with some recommendations which are more radical than sending people to prison all the time.

  Legolas 15:55 11 Nov 2007

Well I am also no Aiken fan but surely everyone is due a second chance, he has after all done his time.

  newman35 18:55 11 Nov 2007

I never at any stage said the Tories were into 'phaedophilia' (sic) - please read the post again.
And I had already retracted the 'cost' remark BEFORE you posted - what is your point?

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