Curio 20:15 19 Nov 2008

This really is amazing. Music is good too!
click here

  Jim Thing 20:54 19 Nov 2008

Brilliant! Thank you.

  24/7 21:13 19 Nov 2008

AMAZING!!! the only thing i would of added is a face on the fish like ships but thats amazing!!! TY Curio!!!

  DANZIG 21:40 19 Nov 2008


  TopCat® 23:19 19 Nov 2008

Light and 'airy' entertainment, brilliantly done.

I've read somewhere that the Americans are working on a submarine design utilising the actions of a swimming shark. If successful in perfecting this, which I very much doubt, then they hope to eventually launch a totally silent running submarine.

How they go about building a moving, flexible fin-like stern that remains watertight at all permissable depths, and quieten down the internal drive machinery is beyond me. TC.

  Brumas 23:30 19 Nov 2008

Delightful to watch, and what a remarkable 'piece of kit' it is.

  wolfie3000 01:45 20 Nov 2008

Looks stunning.

  jack 08:25 20 Nov 2008

Really breath taking
But I guess it would be a bit tricky in the park on a Sunday afternoon

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