Airport Parking

  ^wave^ 09:21 30 Mar 2007

what a money making racket this is a couple of months ago i had to drop my daughter off at the airport and for my hours stay it was £5.40. yesterday i had to drop someone off at the airport and yes the first 10mins are free but the next charge is £2.70 for 30mins. while in the USA there charges were about $1/hour. Rip off Briton again

  wee eddie 10:21 30 Mar 2007

Also the cost of Hard Standing in GB, as opposed to the USA.

Having said that I agree with you.

The reason given is that such prices encourage folk not to hang around for too long and keep the Parks clear.

  Al94 10:38 30 Mar 2007

My mother was admitted to hospital this week, after a long day with her during admission, assessment and being put in a bed alone in a store cupboard (wards and corridors full) and on intraveinous diuretics with no bell push or way of attracting a nurse, I stayed with her so that she did not suffer the indignity of wetting the bed. They found a bed with proper care late at night, my car park bill at the hospital was £15. It's not just airports and this country really is in one hell of a mess.

  johndrew 11:06 30 Mar 2007

I totally agree with your sentiments.

The `free at the point of need` NHS is being privatised by stealth; an accusation made by the current government of the former. To charge people parking when they must attend a hospital for treatment is outrageous. Many who attend for cancer, dialysis and other treatment are being charged substantial sums for attending as they do not `qualify` for ambulance or similar transport. To rub salt in the wound some hospitals also charge visitors at weekends and then almost brag about the profits made.

So much for additional taxes to fund `improvements` in the services `provided`.

  Kate B 11:30 30 Mar 2007

It's perfectly legitimate to charge for carparking at hospitals and at airports: for hospitals particularly it's a good way of raising revenue. Would you rather the hospital didn't have, say, a scanner because it provided free parking instead? Airports and hospitals tend to be on privately owned land.

Heathrow particularly doesn't want to encourage a lot of car traffic to the airport as the road infrastructure can't really cope with it. At LHR, as with most airports, there are pretty good public transport options: the aim is to encourage airport users to choose those rather than come by car.

To say it's a "stealth tax" is absurd. It's not, it's a legit charge levied by a landowner.

  Meshuga 12:39 30 Mar 2007

Kate B. I get the distinct feeling that you are one of those Landowners that you mentioned. It is not the charging for parking that I object to, its the level of the charges. You try sitting for hours in an A&E department waiting for treatment and then see what charges you have incurred.

  laurie53 12:41 30 Mar 2007

Wouldn't want to comment on airports, but my wife was in hospital for 7 months a few years ago.

Do you have any idea what that cost me in charges? Every day and twice on Sat/Sun.

Please don't tell me that there are special arrangements, there aren't.

Please also don't suggest public transport, that would be 3 buses and take at least 2 hours each way.

The nearest railway station is 15 miles away.

This particular hospital even charges disabled people going for outpatients appointments to ease their condition.


  Kate B 13:11 30 Mar 2007

Meshuga, I'm only a flat-owner, not that it's relevant. But I am realistic. I'm also sympathetic, Laurie, but if you were running a business, particularly a money-hungry busines such as a hospital, wouldn't you seek to maximise every cash-generating opportunity? I'm afraid benevolence doesn't come into it. Maybe it should, but that's another discussion.

  Bingalau 13:22 30 Mar 2007

There is a public car park adjacent to Whiston Hospital on Merseyside and the charges are very reasonable. On the hospital leaflet I got it told me that the charge for 24 hrs parking was about £1.50. I haven't got the leaflet to hand at the moment but I know I was amazed, because I had just been reading in the papers about the overcharging at hospitals.

  Mike D 13:42 30 Mar 2007

What annoys me about the parking at our local hospital is that the hospital was built using taxpayers' money. The estate services part of the hospital management was privatised and the carparks were given to them, and they now have the gall to charge for their usage to the tune of over £1m last year at this one hospital alone.

The security staff that these charges are supposed to pay for wants nothing to do with vehicle security/theft issues, their function is to issue parking tickets and be generally unsympathetic to patients/visitors, who are probably already having to endure stressful times.


  Meshuga 13:50 30 Mar 2007

Kate B, you are entirely missing the point. I would hazard a guess that you don`t live in a rural area, as I do, where hospitals are miles away and transport is almost non existent, where some villages only have a bus once a week. A taxi from my home costs £17 each way to the nearest hospital. Your only option is the car and in hospital circumstances parking should at least be subsidised. The largest proportion of residents in my area are Very elderly pensioners who cannot afford these costs. My area is jokingly known as "Gods Waiting room".

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