patsyanne 17:09 16 Sep 2006

I live about 50mins from Heathrow Oxford way > and the airplanes seem to turn left just above my house ! When i moved here 15 years ago it was no where near as bad as it is now. To me they seem to be flying really low, and 2 minutes ago i thought one was going to crash it sounded so bad.
When terminal 5 gets finished i will have to think about moving.

  spikeychris 17:18 16 Sep 2006

then does it? You live and learn.

  1minute 17:20 16 Sep 2006

Well above my house we get everything & seems more helicopters, anything from police to raf chinnocks flying as low as 300 feet. Seems the air corridors have been extended with more flights taking place. Air movements over south east england have risen by over 200% in the last 10 years.

  patsyanne 17:42 16 Sep 2006

1minute, i sympathize with you and the helicopters because i have those little planes that dip and dive as well overhead , mostly on a summers day they come out , then they cut the engines and free fall !
Concord was noisy but at least it went past the house quick .

  Diemmess 18:12 16 Sep 2006

In the tip of England where the southern Welsh border is only few miles away we are under Green One, so we see masses of contrails from transatlantic traffic.

We are in an official military low flying area but the R.Navy Harriers, and RAF Tornados, as well as Hercules and helicopters are currently signicant by their absence compared with 10 years ago. (Aging airframes and overseas commitments have made them almost disappear) Around 500' was normal though the Chinooks and currently the EH101s(?) fly much much lower.

Past high lights and lowlights for me -
Warm evenings with the stately "fat Alberts" cruising past with interior lights on and door open on their way to drop SAS on their training grounds in the Brecon beacons.

A very low and noisy Harrier like a bat out of hell, and the discovery next morning that a toughened pane in a new greehouse had collapsed into a shower of bits!

patsyanne -
I do sympathise with you. It is a new part of society to have air travel at ridiculous prices to all parts of the planet regardless of the awful penalty for those who have to live that close to a major airport.

As a child in WWII Shropshire surrounded by airfields training RAF and Navy fliers and well as operational training for USAF Thunderbolts it was absolutely fascinating to watch the constant stream of different types.
I remember saying to my father "if it wasn't for the RAF markings on that one, I would say it was an ME 109!"
This was the first Mustang (P51) I'd seen.
I did see a low flying ME 110 one Saturday lunchtime, it had dropped a single bomb on a local sugar beet factory demolishing a disused cooling tower. Those were strange days.

  ade.h 18:21 16 Sep 2006

Chris: ROFL!

  Kate B 18:41 16 Sep 2006

Sorry, not sympathetic at all. If you don't like aircraft noise, don't live within about 50 miles of a major international airport. It's not as if they suddenly built it long after you'd moved in.

  Jak_1 18:41 16 Sep 2006

Who was there first, you or the airport!

  patsyanne 19:02 16 Sep 2006

Ha ha like 1minute said there are more planes flying now . I moved here 15 years ago, in the last 5 years it has got much worse, terminal 5 is not up and running yet so that will make it worse.
I can now see if the airplane is BA ,Virgin or any of the others.
Not all off the planes comes low , but the ones that do. it does make your heart miss a beat,when the engine doesnt sound right at all.
I am not that far from Windsor castle < 40 mins > and if the queen can put up with it i will .

  ashdav 19:32 16 Sep 2006

I have the same thing with planes into Manchester.
When the holiday traffic starts in July it's almost 24/7.
Also get the Beluga into the BAe factory at Chester about 4 times a week.
That's one big plane that flies LOW !

  ashdav 19:35 16 Sep 2006

click here

Pictures of the thing.

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