Ain't the Quo Great

  Jwbjnwolf 20:01 28 Nov 2010

click here
who is a fan of these guys,
who has ever met them
They are just great
Im so glad i Nosed through my mums cd rack and not liston to my so-called fathers ones.
and they attract about triple times the amount of audiance than anyone else has ever succeeded with.
Rock is defently the way to go.

  sunnystaines 20:47 28 Nov 2010

i liked their early 70's music... piledriver, hello, and quo albums after that they got too pop orientated.

quo being best album and downdown best single.

i have met the rick parfitt once.

  Armchair 20:49 28 Nov 2010

I was mocked at school for admitting I enjoyed listening to Status Quo. Still enjoy listening to them now (anything from the two Twelve Gold Bars compilations, anyway). My contemporaries were into guff like Level 42 and Simple Minds. I've never been trendy.

  Armchair 20:50 28 Nov 2010

Never actually did get to any of their live shows, though. A pity.

  OTT_B 20:52 28 Nov 2010

Hmmmm. Simple Minds. Time for a little Belfast Child, me thinks.

I'm not a fan of Status Quo, but I do think their music had its day. The problem is longevity - I don't think they're on of the classic bands.

  Strawballs 21:28 28 Nov 2010

Paper plane and down the dustpipe are my 2 favourites of theirs

  Legolas 21:39 28 Nov 2010

I have not heard much of Status Quo outside of the well known stuff over the years. The only one I like is "Pictures of Matchstick Men"

  Uboat 21:40 28 Nov 2010

I LOOOVE Simple Minds i went to see them at the NEC in 87 they played belfast Child! such a groundbreaking song! great group!
As regards to Que they too are amazing & lived a hectic life and knocked out some top tunes over the years..

  lotvic 22:03 28 Nov 2010

Status Quo - One of my most favourite bands :)
Used to go every year to see them live, but haven't been for last couple of years.
Used to take all the following day for my hearing to recover so had to resort to earplugs in later years, but you could feel the music coming up out of the floor - no feeling quite like that :)

  Forum Editor 22:58 28 Nov 2010

usually surfaces when Status Quo are mentioned - lots of people are pretty scathing about them. I imagine the band members cry about it as they check their financial portfolios, and consider a career that stretches back over 40 years, with 60 UK chart hits, of which 22 have reached the UK Top Ten, and 118 million records sold.

By anyone's standards the band has been a phenomenal success, and is still capable of pulling huge crowds. I've seen them live on a few occasions over the years, and each time it has been a memorable evening. There's a good deal of purist rubbish spouted about Satus Quo, but usually it's from people who don't have much of a clue. They don't play my favourite kind of music, but I can't knock them - the music industry is the better for their continued presence.

  DippyGirl 00:35 29 Nov 2010

Err no!
I agree they have sold alot of records/CDs/downloads
and filled many halls and stadia
..but IMO that doesnt make them great (which was the question), popular yes but, sorry, great no

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