Agency staff to get equal rights !

  charmingman 10:59 20 May 2008

So sorry to flood the forum BUT this is good news indeed...

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  birdface 11:27 20 May 2008

Good news for who.It's hard to get a job with any agency in my area because it is flooded with foreigners.I suppose they will be highly delighted though.

  Quickbeam 11:41 20 May 2008

Good new for the millions of warehouse workers for one that don't get full employment rights and get laid off on a whim if there's a downturn at' mill.

For a while now large would be employers of non or semi skilled workers have made use of agency workers as a get out clause to avoid employer legislation. In effect the agencies have become modern gangmasters.

  belfman 12:49 20 May 2008

Even when I was unemployed for 3 months I never went near an agency. I dislike how they operate but then as Quickbeam says there's too much red tape for employers, which is why it's easier to pick up and drop agency staff.

  spuds 14:12 20 May 2008

I have two neighbours who use agencies in different ways, and each may have varied opinion's on this subject.

One neighbour runs a very large food production company, which uses a small group of own employees full time, or within contract terms, as well as a large group of agency casuals, when certain seasons of increased workloads are required. He no longer as the responsibility of hire and fire in respect of agency casual workers, and by moving to this method took a vast amount of human relations and concerns away from him. Whether this new proposal will make much difference to him and his company,I wouldn't know yet. In previous times, the contracts issued to agency casuals, were on a fixed term, and usually these terminated before any 'come-backs' applied.

The other neighbour is in the building industry, and most of his work is through agencies wanting casual (instant availability) workers for small projects and small/ medium company employers. There are on the very odd occasions that he as to take a short 'resting period', but on the whole agency work is ideal for him. In the main, most of the work he undertakes is for less than 12 weeks, so this new proposal may not apply to him.

  CurlyWhirly 19:47 21 May 2008

What I expect to hsppen is for employers to employ agency workers for less than 3 months and replacing them with new agency staff, as this way the employers don't need to act on the legislation (if and when it's passed)

  Forum Editor 00:08 22 May 2008

will be welcomed by the TUC, and has the grudging approval of the CBI. They wanted a six-month qualifying period, but in truth I think they must have realised it wasn't going to happen.

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