Aga cookers

  The Brigadier 19:31 22 Jan 2007

Anyone got an Aga Cooker?
Mrs Brigadier is after one, are they any good?

ps: do hope this post is allowed:)

  tony58 19:43 22 Jan 2007


  Forum Editor 19:48 22 Jan 2007

Great to cook on/in, and they keep the kitchen warm as well. We had them in several houses when I was a child, and we have one at home now - buy it and you'll not regret it, although your wallet might.

  wee eddie 19:49 22 Jan 2007

Anything less than 20 x 12 and you will find problems as an AGA is about 5 x 3.

How hot does your house get in the summer? You cannot turn an AGA down and still use it for cooking.

Do you use a Deep Fryer or a Wok? If the answer is yes, forget the AGA. It's hot plate uses heat too fast to be successful with either of those forms of cooking.

  hzhzhzhz 19:50 22 Jan 2007

dont have one myself :-( but all the folks I know who have,think that they are brilliant.

  wee eddie 19:51 22 Jan 2007

It's hot plate looses heat too fast to be successful with either of those forms of cooking.

  spuds 19:51 22 Jan 2007

Aga are the best, especially if you live out in the sticks.

Some of the top TV chef's use them. As to the type and model, best to ask an Aga agent for advice to suit the requirements.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:52 22 Jan 2007

I have owned 2 and they are an expensive waste of time. In both cases I had them taken out and sold them to some unsuspecting souls moving to the country who neede their egos massaging. I bought one of these at a fifth of the price, much easier and better to here


  SB23 19:53 22 Jan 2007

Used to sell them and trust me when I say they are brilliant. If you have the space you won't beat it.

  wee eddie 19:56 22 Jan 2007

They are brilliant if you have kids.

Baking, roasting, stewing, frying, boiling and AGA toast is wonderful. And at Lambing time, a 4 Oven AGA is "de rigeur" for bring on deserted lambs.

  Aargh 20:10 22 Jan 2007

Brilliant for everything except:

Your kitchen will be like a nuclear furnace during the August heatwave if you cook with it.

If you opt for coal/woodburner you will need somewhere to store all the fuel and spend half your time looking like a welsh miner heading for the shower block.

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