after sales service

have just been reading threads on other forums, about certain people complaining about poor support after parting with there hard earnt.
in my personnel experience if you're lucky enough to find a large company who still offer any sort of satisfactory support system, for gods sake stick with them, am in customer service myself have been for years and the mentality seems to be fob people off, pass the book, i wont be here when they call back, try turning it off and try again, that kind of thing, i think its pretty much across the board now and i dread something breaking down as i have come to accept i will usually have to make half a dozen phone calls and spend hours getting more and more wound up, i think its a sign of the times, anyone remember when companies looks after customers to get repeat orders, word of mouth recomendations etc, seems like a long time ago!

  Cymro. 11:54 24 Oct 2006

The only once that I have any liking for are the once that will give you your money back, no questions asked. Such shops as Argos, but even then there is a time limit to the offer and it is not always that getting a refund answers your problem.

  hijo 13:06 24 Oct 2006

i bought some straight jackets iriduim polorised lensed glasses of them 4 yrs ago costing £160 i sent them back to them as i jumped in the sea in spain of a boat been very drunk & not realising i had them on my head & there service was second to none...they re-coated the lenses perfectley with no charge to me & did it in about 5 weeks & considering that was in the summer when they would be busy,also i had to send them to there france factory...amazing & i have other mates who rate them as the best as well....!!! after all that i got them nicked off me...grrrr but OAKLEY are A1 for after sales service...!!!!

it just seems that all companies start of in a small way with family values, look after the staff and costomers and when they make it big everythings controlled by boards and stockholders to maximise profits in anyway, you can see this everywhere royal doulton being among the latest casualties. parts of our company are of shores and although i hate this i have found the staff do work for the money! suppose its just the way of the world! cant stop progress i guess

  Cymro. 14:24 24 Oct 2006

straight jacket? jumped in the sea? I am tempted to comment but will leave it to others.

  hijo 21:52 27 Oct 2006

i see where ur coming i worded it a little bizzare eh..hehe

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