After 400 years, 'elf and safety bans stepladders

  peter99co 20:34 09 May 2009

Students are baffled by this ruling.

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  octal 21:12 09 May 2009

Tis a bit baffling when you consider humans on the whole are pretty good at carrying out their own risk assessments all the time, for instance when they cross the road. I'm sure there must be some sort of work around that can overcome the stalemate, so that common sense can prevail.

  john bunyan 21:20 09 May 2009

A contrast with the RN Field Gun Training going on near me. Thank God the 'ealth 'n safety haven't got to them!!

  rdave13 22:23 09 May 2009

Oh but I fear they have. My 'middle' son, in the Army, had some training stopped due to Health and Safety at work.

  john bunyan 22:35 09 May 2009

Wrong service!! Seriously I wonder if they will stop the live firing , Commando course etc. Bingalau did his parachute course before reserve 'chutes were issued, snd I had a reserve when I did mine in RM so 'elf and Safety must have been starting in the early '60's.Wish 'elf and safety had been around when the interrogation lot were practicing!!

  rdave13 22:41 09 May 2009

Realised wrong service but service never the less! If for one then must apply for all.

we have all this going on it's everywhere, and it's organisations taking advice from insurers to protect against people sueing them.
i bet 400 years ago there were not so many fly by night 'no win no fee' 'blame and claim' set ups about.

  Strawballs 22:49 09 May 2009

click here There are a lot of myths about health and safety the ban on step ladders would not have come from HSE

  rdave13 22:53 09 May 2009

'But the University's Health and Safety officer put his foot down last year and they were removed two weeks ago.'
From peter99co's link. So who is telling the truth here? Step ladders banned or not?

  WhiteTruckMan 22:56 09 May 2009

After 400 years of use any step ladder is going to be a bit dodgey to use. But you'd think they could afford new ones by now.


  rdave13 22:58 09 May 2009

A very sensible answer but I'd rather rely on a 400 year old oak step ladder than today's flimsy aluminium ones.... may be.

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