Afghan Women Attacked by Police

  laurie53 07:35 16 Apr 2009

Afghan women protesting that new laws that effectively legalise rape have been attacked by riot police

click here

And British troops are dying to uphold the rule of law in this country.

  newman35 08:14 16 Apr 2009

Have you even read your own link??

The police were protecting the women against a mob!!
Quote :- "Most of the men were part of a counter-demonstration. Hundreds of them charged at riot police while a cordon of female police officers held hands in a ring around the women, to try to protect them."

Has this spoiled anothe police-criticising thread??

  laurie53 12:17 16 Apr 2009

I must admit I didn't - I heard the story from the BBC and simply Googled for a link, obviously picking a poor one.

I therefore withdraw, with apologies.

  anchor 15:47 16 Apr 2009

If this law is finally passed, then the allied forces should seriously consider a full withdrawal.

We went in to rid the country of the Taliban repression, (especially that of women), and establish freedom & democracy for all.

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