Affordable IBM Computers

  mbp 11:27 23 Sep 2005


IBM the pioneer of the personal computer has agreed to sell its computing division to the Chinese PC Manufacturer, Lenovo, in order to concentrate on the more profitable areas of business such as Services, Business Storage, and Chip development.

The new company will benefit from IMB's R&D program. IBM will hold 18.9 per cent share of the company.

Lenovo will be the 3rd largest PC company in the World after Dell and HP.

I wonder when IBM/Lenovo PC's will flood the markets in Europe and America?

  wiz-king 17:00 23 Sep 2005

They just choose not to sell to the general public, if you want to buy a hundred they do quite a good deal with good after-sales service.

  mbp 21:02 23 Sep 2005

Perhaps the new owners might have a different attitude to General Sales to the general public?

  Chegs ® 22:19 23 Sep 2005

Lenovo might have taken over from IBM but there software support sucks.I own an old IBM Thinkpad,I managed to find the OEM software for it from another source,which was handy as using the Lenovo "Auto-Detect" feature for software for my laptop keeps getting a "This is not an IBM/Lenovo puter" message and the prog then exits.

  mbp 10:40 24 Sep 2005

I understand that if you are a cooperate user of IBM computers, you get excellent survices from IBM. IBM did not want to go into the cut throat retail sales market so far. Maybe Lenovo may have other ideas. Maybe Lenovo has a way to go yet to have a good support service. Remember, for years, the freedom of speech via the internet had been surpressed because of fears of subversive elements in the country. But perhaps when the government sees the mammoth profits available in the computer market, they may review their policies. The people will be quick to pick up on Internet technology but currently may lag India as far as numbers are concerned, to provide for a good customer service world wide in say the English language.

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