affordable housing

  braiman 16:34 06 Aug 2007

We often hear or read various govenment people speaking about affordable housing. No one has up to now explained what affordable housing is, what is affordable to one person is way out of reach of another. Many young people have a diposable income of under £30,000 some much less, how can they ever hope to own their own property? And as for renting, local authority housing lists are measured in years, private renting again is beyond the reach of many. I would like to see the government audit office to pick upon a house building project WITHOUT giving notice and costing it for materials and labour not the land cost. We would then see what profit the developer was making. If you drive around almost any area in the South of England from time to time you will see houses and flats being built but most will have in the description "Luxury" and with a price to match. Affordable it`s a joke.
I feel better having got that off my chest! Cheers Braiman

  oresome 16:51 06 Aug 2007


I'm not clear why you are excluding the land cost from your price analysis as this is a significant proportion of the total. Not only that, the developer has to make sufficient margin on the house sale to purchase the next piece of land to build on, which will no doubt have gone up in price.

  Bingalau 17:00 06 Aug 2007

Why don't they build some of these modern Pre-fabs they were talking about a couple of months ago? I remember the ones that were erected just after the war and they were a Godsend. Some of them are still being used I think even though they were only supposed to be temporary.

  Forum Editor 18:35 06 Aug 2007

has just bought her first property - a flat - in a new shared equity development. Her share of the equity means that she can afford (just) the mortgage payments, and as her circumstances improve she can take up more of the equity. It's a great scheme, she has a beautiful new flat, fully carpeted, with a superb fitted kitchen/bathroom, and she's not having to pay rent in to someone else's pocket - she's on the bottom rung of the property ladder.

My son is doing the same thing, but he's a few years older, is earning more, and is going for a house.

What we need is lots more of these properties, and I think they'll appear, but probably not fast enough and not in sufficient quantities.

  Pine Man 19:20 06 Aug 2007

'What we need is lots more of these properties, and I think they'll appear, but probably not fast enough and not in sufficient quantities.'

...and not in the right place! If this government was to get it's way most of the green bits in the southern shire counties will be covered in housing.

  Pine Man 19:21 06 Aug 2007

I am fully in favour of affordable housing but NIMBY ;-D

  sunny staines 19:29 06 Aug 2007

similar to fe

my daughter bought a flat had the option of buying ten percent shares and paying rent on the remainder. bought 50% share and can buy further blocks of ten percent as and when she can afford it. new build came fully carpeted,fitted kitchen, after 12 months a visit to correct and faults and repairs.

the scheme started off for key workers now seems to be for all renamed affordable housing. i think its a great idea to help people get started.

  Forum Editor 19:38 06 Aug 2007

There are lots of brownfield sites - nobody's going to cover all the green bits with housing.

  Pine Man 20:06 06 Aug 2007

Ahhh if only.

Allotments right next to my house - allowed to fall into disrepair and now about to be developed to meet Prescotts targets.

Not all of the green bits I agree but a lot of them.

  lisa02 20:47 06 Aug 2007

Tax the hell out of ruthless landlords who buy up all the properties. I know of one chap who owns almost 30, if not more by now, in my area.

What's his enticement to buy all these properties?

The whopping amount that he can earn out of the Housing Benefit system. The amount of landlords in our area is forcing house prices up so much that none of the locals, who grew up here, can buy.

  Forum Editor 00:17 07 Aug 2007

I'm not sure how taxing "the hell out of ruthless landlords" is going to provide more affordable housing. We're in a market economy, who would own the houses if they weren't bought by 'ruthless landlords'?

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