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  freaky 13:40 21 Feb 2006

For some years I have been building and flying R/C Model aircraft.

I now have a hankering for an off-road r/c nitro engine car/truck to use on a field nearby.

I have been to a local model shop and seen them on offer for £250 to £400. On the internet they are about £150 to £400.

Most come complete with a Pistol shaped transmitter, whereas I am use to using the joystick type.

Can anybody enlighten me on a suitable vehicle a to start with, and the merits of the Pistol type transmitter V joystick.

  Forum Editor 14:16 21 Feb 2006

is it?

click here


click here


click here

Might get you off to a good start.

  rmcqua 15:10 21 Feb 2006

Have a heart, FE. The Speaker's Corner introductory words do state:
"There's no need to restrict discussions to computing, or computer related topics..."

Maybe freaky thinks that computer-type people are also R/C model-type people? If so then in my case, he's correct.

  Forum Editor 15:24 21 Feb 2006

I consider my knuckles duly rapped.

  rmcqua 15:33 21 Feb 2006

Put it down to jet lag!

  freaky 15:33 21 Feb 2006

rmcqua wrote Have a heart, FE. The Speaker's Corner introductory words do state:
"There's no need to restrict discussions to computing, or computer related topics..."

The quote above is correct - hence my post. I consider the FE's remark is a complete contradiction !

However, I would add that the links he supplied were very helpful, many thanks.

  Forum Editor 15:37 21 Feb 2006

Let's not make a Federal case of it. I wrote the introductory words to this forum, so I've been hoisted by my own petard.

rmcqua has given me the perfect excuse - I stepped off a New York flight a few hours ago, and I'm tired. Carry on talking about radio-controlled offroad cars and trucks as long as you like.

  Totally-braindead 16:33 21 Feb 2006

Well freaky I also fly RC models and was involved some time ago with radio control cars, it was a long time ago and I must admit I've kind of lost track so my advise is probably what you already know.
Don't buy a toy one, by this I mean don't buy and all in one thing that that you can't repair make sure whatever you buy you can get the parts, personally I'd buy a kit one and not one of these preassembled ones, suggest looking at some of the RC car magazines. The ones that come with the pistol transmitter tend to be pretty useless, least the ones I've seen are, the pistol grips can be good if you like them and if its a good make. JR Futaba that sort of thing but the ones I've seen that come ready built with the transmitter tend to lack any sort of feel and are a bit tacky. I'm sure theres exceptions but the ones I've seen were pretty poor. The Kyosho ones used to be quite good, robust well designed and easy to repair but as I said I've kind of lost touch.
By the way you might find RC cars a bit lame after flying unless you can get someone to race against and somewhere to race them. The lectric ones can be good too and theres no concern about noise.

And welcome back FE.

  007al 17:34 21 Feb 2006

I used to race off road and on road cars(thousands of pounds worth collecting dust in the store room).
For an off road IC car for messing around with,and not racing,you should look click here .
give them a ring for advice on the best starter kit.Probably something along the lines of these click here
RTR means ready to run ARTR=almost ready to run.
RTR would be the best option to start with,as like pc`s,they can be upgraded if you want to take it more seriously.Racing them is addictive,which then makes it expensive,one of my touring cars was just under £1000 to build from scratch with imported parts,thats just rolling chassis without radio gear and electrics at another £800.
Good luck and have fun!

  ade.h 17:36 21 Feb 2006

If you want to toddle off and get a bit of beauty sleep, I'm sure us lot will promise not to get into too much trouble for a couple of hours! LOL.

  Forum Editor 17:36 21 Feb 2006

Thank you.

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