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  al's left peg 18:41 05 Jul 2008

Hi guys,
The missus is after a Westie puppy and has been offered a one for about £350.00. We have not viewed it yet, but it does say on the advert that it is not K.C registered.
I have not had a dog of my own since I was about 9 or 10 so would appreciatte any advice the forum could give as regards to the K.C registration and what else to look out for.
I will be out later so will check back tomorrow if any one can be kind enough to give me any advice.
Thanks in advance,
regards, Al's left peg.

  Forum Editor 18:51 05 Jul 2008

for 12 years, and she was a delight. All terriers are strongly territorial, and some are prone to jealousy - we wouldn't have left ours alone with a very young child. If you buy this puppy you need to understand that it will bark whenever the doorbell rings, and it's extremely difficult to break the habit - a friend of ours is a specialist dog trainer, and he couldn't do it.

Otherwise, you should know that pedigree Westies are prone to eye problems - they can get a condition known as 'dry eye', which means their tear ducts don't produce enough moisture, and it leads to infections. Ours suffered from it, and it involved a very expensive (successful) operation.

All pedigree dogs can exhibit weaknesses; if you want a dog that's free of predispositions to illnesses and conditions go for hybrid vigour - get a cross bred dog.

I wouldn't worry too much about Kennel Club registration unless you plan to breed from your dog - it's more important to see the puppy with its mother if possible. If there's a litter, look for a puppy that comes to you with its tail wagging, and avoid one that cringes away from you. A bold dog will be far less trouble as it matures.

  €dstowe 18:51 05 Jul 2008

The most important thing about a dog (assuming you are getting it as a companion rather than an investment) is that it chooses YOU as its friend. No point at all in having a dog that doesn't like you even if you like it.

Again, with the same assumption as above, it shouldn't matter one jot about KC registration.

My dog is KC registered but, I don't care about that. I knew the breed of dog I wanted, I knew its parents and when I went to see the litter, he was the one that came first to greet me and say hello and we bonded straight away.

My dog isn't a Westie, he's a large gun dog but I'm certain the same applies.

  laurie53 20:33 05 Jul 2008

Don't do dogs, but when I bought my last Siamese kitten I picked the one that won the race up my jeans!

If the pups are not KC registered I might be wondering why.

  wiz-king 21:12 05 Jul 2008

You have to be the pack leader, don't let the puppy rule you.

Get it a dog bed and make him/her stay in it during the evening so it can see you and don't let it be a lapdog.

If it is well trained you will be welcome almost every where, if you let it run riot indoors you will run out of friends quickly.

Get it use to a routine of being fed after you have had your dinner then you can use it as a scrap bin, if you feed it first the you have to keep the scraps in the fridge till the next days meal.


  realist 21:14 05 Jul 2008

It's easy, just get a shih-tzu...

  peter99co 21:38 05 Jul 2008

West Highlands can have problems in later life with eczema and need special shampoo. It is in the breed as with most pedigrees. Keep a check between the toes and under the belly. If the dog nibbles it's toes make sure the fur is clipped between the toes. Ask the vet about eczema, so you know just in case. You might be lucky with yours.

They are wonderful dogs and mine lived till she was 14 years old.

Check the owners adult dogs before you buy (always important to see condition)

Yes they bark but that is what they are for isn't it. Let you know when someone is about.

My last dog was a Yorkie who weighed 1.9 kg and he could bark for England.

  ventanas 21:54 05 Jul 2008

Our dog was acquired through the KC who put us on to a local breeder. He is of course KC registered and can also bark for England. Everyone thought he was a large breed because of the noise he can make, when he is in fact a chihuahua. A house close by has a West Highland and when the two meet there is a heck of a racket.
What peter99co says is very true, we were able to get to know both parents before we took our puppy home.

  VNAM75 22:02 05 Jul 2008

Can someone tell me what type of dog is in this photo

click here

  peter99co 22:09 05 Jul 2008

Ask to see the Pedigree forms for the Parents. My Yorkie had a great number of his ancesters on his pedigree marked in red ink (Crufts) It is up to you then if you want to register. If you are not wanting to continue the line it is not necessary to register. Make sure ALL the dogs Jabs are up to date. (most important) Consider an insurance for vets fees but remember it's for LIFE of the dog.

We found that a diet of Complete Dry Food was best for good health (Ucanuba for Puppies) I think that is the spelling. The vet said the dogs system adapts to the diet which has all the dog needs for good health. Dry food requires a good supply of Fresh Water. You will find pooper scooping a lot easier as well.

  €dstowe 22:11 05 Jul 2008

VNAM75 - it looks like my dog did when I first got him. An old fashioned (i.e. long haired, dark) Golden Retriever.

Modern Golden Retrievers are much shorter hair and much paler colour. They are also smaller. My dog, if puts his paws on my shoulders (standing on his two hind legs) is taller than I am and I'm six foot one.

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