Adverts on PCA

  bremner 09:16 05 Jun 2011

This is not a complaint or moan just something that has interested me.

To the right of the threads are 5 adverts, 3 Apple, an HTC and an Acer laptop. Are these personalised or do we all see the same?

I ask because i have recently been viewing sites regarding 4 of the 5.

  lotvic 09:21 05 Jun 2011

I've got the same 5. iPhone launch details, and the others are reviews.

  johndrew 12:04 05 Jun 2011

Doubt that such are likely to be personalised. I also have them as part of most pages - they are also (in a little different form) on PCA Home page.

  Forum Editor 12:35 05 Jun 2011

"Are these personalised or do we all see the same?"

Everyone sees the same.

  bremner 12:50 05 Jun 2011

Thanks - just coincidence.

  Covergirl 09:57 06 Jun 2011


If you do a search, you'll find "Ads Powered By Google" returning a few searches on your search criteria.

  sunnystaines 15:23 06 Jun 2011

only ad i see is laptop advisor on the right of screen.

using ie9, w7, iepro.

  simonjary 16:44 06 Jun 2011

Those aren't adverts. They're links to other articles on PC Advisor - the Top 5 Most Popular articles at the given time the page is loaded.

We want to show readers what other people are finding interesting on the site.

We're not signed up to do any retargeted adverts where the ads follow you from what you've been viewing on other sites.

The ads on these pages will be an MPU (the square ad unit top right, near the "Post a Response" box), a skyscraper ad along the right-hand side, and some Google Ads dotted about.

  simonjary 16:48 06 Jun 2011

The Google ads do search the page for content and display relevant ads to what's on the rest of the page.

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