NoPSU 11:43 02 Dec 2006

$7,794 is what the average 1 page costs in this magazine. So if you have a company say paying for 4 pages @ $7,794 = $31,176.

So does advertising talk over what the consumer wants to complain about?

  anskyber 11:55 02 Dec 2006

Take a look at Consumerwatch and see the numerous threads there on big time advertisers.

The answer is plain. No.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:24 02 Dec 2006

Have you any idea how much a magazine costs to produce? I sense that you are a bit miffed over your last thread about the missing PSU.


  spuds 13:12 02 Dec 2006

Seeing that my local newspaper as just spent a fortune on refurbishment of their premises and facilities, I would say that they cannot be solely reliant on advertising revenue.

  Forum Editor 13:52 02 Dec 2006

a mini vendetta on the subject of people like me favouring certain suppliers, simply because they advertise in the magazine?

If you are, I advise extreme caution. If there's one thing that makes me very angry it's people who have been with us for five minutes accusing me of that kind of bias.

A couple of weeks ago I asked Mesh if I could visit their offices and factory. My whole purpose was to find out exactly what goes on there, how they run the customer service operation, and their production facility. I did it for two reasons:-

1. Because I had never, in the six years I've worked in this forum met a single mesh employee, or visited their premises - I thought it was about time.

2. I wanted to ask questions, and get the other side of a complex story.

I learnt a lot that afternoon, and as a result I feel better equipped to respond to some of the things that are said in threads about the company. So much so that I'm going to tout for invitations to visit some of the other suppliers that crop up in our threads from time to time.

None of this is going to make me biased towards a particular company, and frankly I have better thnings to do with my time. I'm doing it because I think it's right that I know a little bit more about the people from whom our forum members buy things. Please do not waste your energy posting any more threads in which you allude to underhandedness or bias in favour of an advertiser on my part. It will get a frosty reception from me, unless you think you can substantiate your allegation - in which case let's hear all about it.

  NoPSU 14:58 02 Dec 2006

Lets clear something up first up, i'm in advertising so know what goes on. Yes there will always be those who think you as the FE may favour 1 or 2 suppliers, but that is not something that i would comment on. Part of your remit is to be impartial and you would not have been doing this job for so long if your masters were not happy with you.

So the fact you have accused me of something which i have not or would do i'm more than happy to make that clear.

The fact you have been to see mesh computers can only be a good thing for all those who post on this forum, you now have good contacts with mesh that can benefit us all here.

  anskyber 15:35 02 Dec 2006

There speaks someone who clearly has little experience of this site.

  Bob The Nob© 15:57 02 Dec 2006

I only favour companiesthat I have used and feel have given me my moneys worth.

  Jak_1 17:34 02 Dec 2006

I don't care what a company spends on advertising, I only care that If I buy a product from them that I am getting what I pay for and that the item does what it is supposed to do. Also should things go awry then there is a decent backup service to rectify things. Whoever that company is is irrelevant to me, brand loyalty is not a thing I adhere to.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:59 02 Dec 2006

FE-I would be really interested in hearing more on your visit. Have you mentioned it before in a thread I may have missed? Or perhaps done an article on it somewhere?

Can you describe some of the things you saw, or is there some form of confidentiality agreement to your visit?

Without naming any names, what sort of people did you speak to, and did you have free run to approach anyone on your own?


  Forum Editor 18:06 02 Dec 2006

accused you of something? You ask:-

"So does advertising talk over what the consumer wants to complain about?"

In your previous thread - the one that prompted this one - you accused me of being "Pro Mesh".

I think GANDALF <|:-)>'s right - you posted this because you're annoyed at what I said in the other thread.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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