advances in the human race....

  Seth Haniel 14:54 06 Nov 2008


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More than 1,500 children aged four and under were suspended from schools in England in the past year, figures show.

  The Brigadier 15:01 06 Nov 2008

Whats worse is this click here

  Clapton is God 15:05 06 Nov 2008

Unfortunately, these figures don't surprise me.

I'm a Governor at a Primary school in SE England and am regularly horrified by the numbers of kiddies joining the school who:

can't always remember their own name
can't use a knife and fork
aren't 'toilet trained' at 5 years of age
can't dress/undress themselves
can't recognise simple pictures (animals, houses, cars, etc) in a book
cannot interact with others without using their fists

Who's to blame?

The bloody parents, who seem to think that it's the school's 'problem' to teach little Johnny all these basic skills which, in fact, should have been taught by the parents before the child even starts at school.

  john bunyan 16:28 06 Nov 2008

What is strange is that to adopt, you have a rigorous screening but to have a child "naturally", even if you expect the rest of us tax payers to pay for it, there are no restraints. I know that nothing can be done that is acceptable but these feckless parents to which Clapton is God refers are very annoying , to say the least.

  BT 17:13 06 Nov 2008

When my son started school many years ago he not only knew his name and address and phone number but could write them down. We were incensed when he came home a few days later saying that the teacher had told him that he was spelling his surname incorrectly. My wife stormed up to the school and was told by the teacher that her way was the correct one. My wife gave that teacher a lesson in spelling that day and received a written apology from the Headteacher.

I do agree with all your other points though. Many parents these days don't ensure that their youngsters have the basic skills. As to using cutlery I was watching a news item a few weeks ago where they were discussing school meals and it was obvious that many of the primary school children shown had absolutely no idea how to properly use a knife and fork.

  Pineman100 18:13 06 Nov 2008

I've given up on the human race, ever since I came last.

  egapup 19:04 06 Nov 2008

Cant blame the parents, it's the parents parents who should hang thier heads in shame or may-be the wishy washy law makers who stopped teachers being really strict.

  laurie53 19:49 06 Nov 2008

"many of the primary school children shown had absolutely no idea how to properly use a knife and fork."

In many programmes I have watched the parents have no idea how to use a knife and fork, so the children can hardly be expected to.

In how many many news`items you see is it obvious that the children can't hold a pen/pencil properly, and that is definitely down to the schools?

  Monoux 21:00 06 Nov 2008

I know a teacher who was the also deputy headteacher of 30 years standing who restrained an unruly child. This was reported and they have been harrassed and hounded by the County Council education dept until they felt they had no option but to resign.
The School has lost a damm good and well respected teacher because of some little oik behaving badly.

Why anyone wants to remain a teacher or become one given the restraints put upon them and lack of support is beyond me

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