Adopt a dial up user

  Diodorus Siculus 08:05 25 Aug 2005

This is something I saw on a Linux forum and think it is a good idea :-)

Many dial up users are at a disadvantage when it comes to updating machines, getting the latest software, trying out something new, simply because of the time it takes to download files.

So if anyone is on dial up and wants a file downloaded and sent via post on a CD, why not post a request. I've done it for a number of people but not on a very organised basis - maybe it is time to broaden the scope of the service.

Windows updates, multimedia players, applications etc are all pretty big these days - Nero is the one that frightened me when I was on dial up - at 35mb per update, I lost out on a lot of functionality.

So the offer is there if you want it! Mail me / post a link here and we'll see what we can do.

  octal 10:18 25 Aug 2005

That's a good idea, I already do this for the guy's at work here, what takes them a few hours can be done in minutes by me.

  dan11 15:58 25 Aug 2005

The same here. I already do it for a few forum members, in a casual way.

Downloading large files are no problem and the cost of a c/d and postage is just pennies.

  Skills 17:16 25 Aug 2005

I too do it for friends and take the files round on my USB key for them

  esbe 18:07 25 Aug 2005

A superb idea. I shall take up your kind offer and mail you - as you say a 35mb d/l is a bit off-putting on dial up.


  Diodorus Siculus 22:05 25 Aug 2005

esbe - it will be in the post in the morning.

Allt he best, Dio

  patsyanne 09:39 26 Aug 2005

I did it for a friend of mine who is on dial up , i am so used to broadband now i cant believe how slow dial up is and all the new swears words i come out with when waiting for a page to open up.I did Spybot,Adaware and Ccleaner but then going on line on dial up to update them was a nightmare there was no way she could have downloaded them on dialup and she is on PAYG dial up !

  patsyanne 09:43 26 Aug 2005

Diodorus Siculus and if you put the programs on a cd-rw disc they can post back to you. Very thoughtful of you to offer this to other people .

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 13:11 26 Aug 2005

And aswell my friend rips his CD's to my computer and upload's them to his Ipod, as his computer doesn't have Firewire and the |USB| cable is at his uncle's house.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:58 26 Aug 2005

patsyanne - I don't bother with cd-rw disks - given that I can get a CD-R for about 8p nowadays, it would be a waste of postage!

click here

  patsyanne 14:37 26 Aug 2005

Blimey hello BIG Ben strikes 10 again! where have you been ? we have all been missing you ! nice to see you back

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