Adieu SeaFrance

  anchor 09:35 18 Nov 2011

It seems that the cross channel ferry operator "SeaFrance" is to be liquidated.

The EU commission, in its infinite wisdom, have decided that plans to keep the company afloat, (no pun intended), and save almost a thousand jobs, are against EU rules.

  anchor 09:36 18 Nov 2011
  spuds 10:01 18 Nov 2011

Its possible that this is just another case of political pressure?.

The Channel Tunnel might become profitable, with the extra traffic perhaps?.

  morddwyd 12:32 18 Nov 2011

I have always understood their was `much overcapacity on the cross channel route anyway, outside high holiday season.

In such Times as these only the most efficient (and ruthless) will survive.

It is a French court, not an EU one, which decided that the proposed`plans were unacceptable.

The EU simply ruled an earlier plan to use state aid to prop up this company was unfair to its competitors, which did not have such aid.

This is standard EU policy, and has been for many years.

DFDS in particular should not be trusted.

It took over the Rosyth/Zeebrugge route and immediately closed it down in order to boost its Newcastle operation.

  lotvic 14:14 18 Nov 2011

fourm member, After having read the article linked to, I think that's a rubbish interpretation of morddwyd's comments.

The Paris commercial court ruled that the existing offers were unacceptable.

  lotvic 16:20 18 Nov 2011

fourm member, absolutely nothing.

  morddwyd 16:50 18 Nov 2011


My comment was about overcapacity on the cross channel route, and I have never considered Newcastle a cross channel port.

I know nothing about capacity on the Newcastle/Holland route, and bow to your superior knowledge here. However, as the Rosyth ferry ran to Belgium, landing some 100 miles DFDS's terminal in Holland I am not entirely convinced that the two routes competed directly.

My understanding, gained, I must admit, entirely from the press and television rather than personal knowledge, was that DFDS closed the Rosyth operation not because of overcapacity but to save money on port fees, fuelled by a little pique because the Scottish government would not give them quite as large a subsidy as they were hoping for.

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