Adding salt to food

  WhiteTruckMan 16:17 13 May 2009

I've just had a conversation with Mrs WTM about her not liking my cooking, and part of the problem is me not liking adding salt. I like the taste it brings but at my last medical exam last year for my HGV license my blood pressure was a bit on the high side, and one of the measures suggested was to cut down on my salt intake. Hence the current impasse.

She has suggested (i.e. instructed me) that so called sea salt is far healthier for you than ordinary table salt. I can't see it myself - salt is salt, right? - but maybe I'm wrong. Anybody have a different take on this?


  tullie 16:23 13 May 2009

Just put your foot down,if you dare.

  Grey Goo 16:23 13 May 2009

You could try LO Salt. It contains Potassium Chloride and so dispenses with the Sodium that common salt contains.

  tullie 16:24 13 May 2009

Read this click here

  donki 16:25 13 May 2009

IMO neither are goign to kill you unless taking to much over a long period of time.

Sea salt would be healthier as it isnt refined and stripped of natural moisture and minerals the way table salt is durign its processing. As i said before, everything in moderation.

  sunnystaines 16:28 13 May 2009

if you eat a lot of salt have plenty of fluid to help flush it and eat fruit especially bananas as the potassium in fruit will counter balance the salt.

too much potassium mind you is worse than too much salt and affect the heart beats

  Forum Editor 16:57 13 May 2009

for the same reason - My last medical insurance check up revealed slightly raised blood pressure (we must have been discussing religion/Microsoft/the armed forces/pigs in troughs). The doctor told me that almost everyone ingests too much salt, because of our habit of eating ready-prepared food and/or takeaways, which have salt added in the preparation. He said we get all that we need from a healthy diet, and might only need to add a little occasionally in very hot weather.

I stopped adding any salt to food, and within eight weeks my blood pressure was normal.

  user8 17:17 13 May 2009

I changed my diet back in 2007.
Told to cut back on the salt & have a high fibre diet.
Since then i eat plenty of fresh fish, fruit & vegetables.
My blood pressure is average now, as is my Cholesterol level.
I exercise daily & drink plenty of water.

It's been hard to do & to fit it around work as well.
And i've managed to loose weight & still enjoy life!

  OTT_Buzzard 17:56 13 May 2009

I stopped adding salt to most food a few years ago. I ate at a friends house recently and I couldn't believe how salty the food was. Disgusting! Can't believe I used to add the stuff!!

  Stuartli 18:44 13 May 2009

>>You could try LO Salt. It contains Potassium Chloride >>.

It contains far more Potassium Chloride than ordinary salt and for those suffering kidney problems etc can prove just as bad, or even worse than standard salt.

The best way to improve the taste of cooked potatoes and vegetables without suffering too much from salt intake, is to plunge them into hot water before cooking and add a teaspoonful of salt.

If necessary or advised, rinse the potatoes two or three times in cold water before cooking.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:35 13 May 2009

My partner is a chef and hospital nutritionist. She suggests your wife should just get used to less salt and maybe you should use more herbs to add other flavours. Less salt will benefit her too.

There is nothing in the suggestion of using sea salt, it's still sodium chloride and equaly bad for you.

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