Acrylic paint tubes on plane

  exdragon 17:14 28 Aug 2008

Anyone know if these can be taken onboard as hold luggage? I know I can check with the airline, but I suspect I may get a speedier 'yes' or 'no' by asking the question here!

  MAT ALAN 17:18 28 Aug 2008
  exdragon 17:35 28 Aug 2008

Thanks, MAT ALAN, I saw that, but as there was only one reply, I was working on the assumption that there may be several for/against comments and I could take the one which had the most definite answers!

  Forum Editor 18:59 28 Aug 2008

are very twitchy about any kind of liquid in a container, and you may find that your case will be opened and the tubes removed without any reference to you. If you're flying into America that would almost definitely happen. I've seen a tube of aftershave balm confiscated from someone's cabin luggage at JFK quite recently.

It's really something you'll have to check with your airline - they'll tell you immediately. My advice is to pack the paint tubes in a heavy duty leak-proof bag or container, and if there's a data sheet from the makers confirming that the paint contains nothing flammable have it on your person.

  wiz-king 19:10 28 Aug 2008

And dont pack an alarm clock or spare batteries or your torch in with them! ;-)

  exdragon 19:19 28 Aug 2008

Thanks - I was going to take it as a present for my granddaughter in New Zealand, but I think I'll buy stuff there and leave it as a Christmas present instead!

To my eternal shame, I once brought Christmas presents from my daughter home on a flight from Northern Ireland... My cabin bag was turned inside out until the Security chap discovered one present was a rather nice manicure set... This, despite the fact that we'd been discussing my putting my nail scissors in my hold luggage earlier that day.

The scissors were removed, wrapped up in several sheets of paper and sellotape and kept on the flight deck unil I got off. I gave my daughter hell for that!

  Seth Haniel 20:34 28 Aug 2008

Mushroom soup as your medium ;)

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