n4165si 14:52 20 Sep 2006

do you, like me, think that nobody seems to be accountable for anything these days,i know that you shouldn,t believe everything you read.among the worst offenders seem to be our once respected politicians,and it goes on and often have we heard those famous last words [ it must not happen again ] i think as i get older i never cease to be amazed at the outright lying and corruption in an attempt to stay in ones jobs , or am i being too cynical ?

  Kate B 14:53 20 Sep 2006

Great rant, how about some examples of what you're talking about so we can talk about it?

  n4165si 15:13 20 Sep 2006

kate B
im sure our forum users have plenty of instances that they have experienced in their lifetime ,but a few to be going on with ,are
repeatadly hearing social services being called to account over some poor childs experience whilst in their care.
things left out of political parties manifestos in an attempt to gain power or indeed stay in it.
burying the truth as it might be sure others could go on and on . it should make interesting reading.

  Jak_1 15:41 20 Sep 2006

The wonderful world of the beurocrat, 'not my job hut the bloke at that desk who's off sick!' Happens wherever there are governments and civil servants, managers in large companies, councils etc. In fact anywhere where there is someone trying to justify their own job!

It would be nice to get more accountability but I think it would be like trying to find the holy grail, impossible to achieve given human nature.

  n4165si 16:09 20 Sep 2006

what sort of measures would one like to see as a minimum for blatant miss uses of ones position or is sacking to easy . i know that some politicians for example have had prison sentences ,but not that i can recall for outright lies to the perhaps before we vote anyone future the public should should be able to exact some punishment but quite what, i don't know what would stick .i seems that quite a lot of the public don't bother to vote anymore and anyway there seems to be corruption in this field also .no wonder there isn't any accountability anymore.

  Cymro. 17:01 20 Sep 2006

Not quite the same thing perhaps but how about all these big government schemes that end up millions of pounds over budget and not ready in time. You all know the sort of thing, new computer progs. government building projects, defence contracts etc.
Such under estimates of price and delivery dates cost us billions of pounds and yet no one ever seems to get sacked over such errors. Most people who made a mistake that cost their boss a few pounds would be in for the high jump.

  namtas 18:19 20 Sep 2006

I want to give a reply to you but I am afraid that my reply is political and therefore not allowed under the rules of this forum.

  oresome 19:17 20 Sep 2006

I don't think you can get much more accountable than a politician.

If the electorate don't think you've done a good job, you won't be voted back in next time.

Of course, this does require the electorate to take some interest in events and actually vote at elections and it does require an opposition party that can offer a better alternative.

As regards the poor communcation channels between government agencies, I doubt that it will ever be solved and cases similar to those we read about will happen time and time again.

Of course accountability starts with each of us for our own actions and behaviour and that of our children.

  lisa02 19:38 20 Sep 2006

Ownership and Responsiblity.

Is something that is drummed into the staff in my workplace.

I am responsible for everything I do.
I am responsible for what happens when I fail to carry out what I am supposed to do.
If I see a problem it's mine, take action to resolve it, seeking help or assistance if needed.
If you don't know something then ask and get trained on it.

  Forum Editor 19:54 20 Sep 2006

Once you've ridden behind a Police motorcycle escort you never want to travel any other way.

Power, any kind of power, is a potential corrupter of men and women, and anyone who has experienced political power will try extremely hard not to lose it - to the extent of trying to blame others when things go wrong.

All politicians, of all parties and of all governments in all countries do it, and once you realise that it becomes easier to understand, it's an aspect of human nature. That isn't to say that there are no principled politicians, there are, but when the chips are down, they too will fight to retain their status.

We have a system that has developed to ensure that our politicians have to ask the electorate to renew their mandate every few years, and at those times we too have power. The problem then is apathy - many people just can't be bothered to exercise their right to vote, or feel that there's no point - "my vote isn't going to make any difference". The fact that individual votes do make a difference, and that this is the way we can make al our politicians ultimately accountable for their actions (or lack thereof) doesn't seem to make much difference.

You might say that we get the politicians we deserve.

  Jak_1 20:02 20 Sep 2006

Well said FE, we all have the vote. I use mine, I vote in every election beit country or local. If you don't vote then you give up the right to moan when things are not going how you think they should!

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