Absolutley ridiculous

  Kevscar1 09:21 26 Jan 2011

Doctor wants to see Jue about blood tests results after bad heart palpitations. She went over this morning to be told he is booked up until 27th Feb.
She,s had to take an emergency appointment this morning with another one because they want to arrange a 24hr monitor.

  ella33 09:24 26 Jan 2011

A lot of people are missing the 10 day appointment system which was scrapped in the summer. Do try going back to your doctor and say that you are concerned, it can be speeded up

  Kevscar1 10:06 26 Jan 2011

She's just gone for an emergency appointment. Told her to book me in for 16th Feb with anyone.

  Grey Goo 10:21 26 Jan 2011

No more ridiculous than rushing an elderly relative to A&E by ambulance in the early hours, said relative has terminal pancreatic Cancer and was bleeding heavily from the rectum. Result, left in a cubicle for 12 hours. Did eventually fix a saline drip in after I had words with a "Worker" Seems the night shift do sod all except wait for the day shift to do it all. The NHS does need to change.

  canarieslover 10:21 26 Jan 2011

We can't even book an appointment in advance. Ring on the day at 8:30am to book an appointment that day. Needless to say it is almost impossible to get through on the phone as everybody is trying to ring at the same time.

  Kevscar1 10:28 26 Jan 2011

Luckily surgery is 40yds away so we just walk over.

  wee eddie 11:21 26 Jan 2011

I have been with the same Practise for years and when my GP retired I transferred to a young lady who first came into the Coffee House as a bump in her Mums tum, so I've known her for a while. She's good at her job and very popular.

One day I came across this, long wait, problem but, as it was not pressing, it took the slot offered. During the Consultation I brought up the 'lead time' problem and this is roughly what she told me.

"In their Practise, some of the Doctors have huge Patient Bases, others have fewer or, if they are a Locum, fewer. The Receptionist will offer your own Doctor as the first Option, but if you say that you're not worried about who you see (we reckon that all our Doctors know their job) there are frequently earlier slots to be found."

  KremmenUK 11:44 26 Jan 2011

It seems that all Dr's surgeries are going this way. By the time they see you the complaint may have gone.

... and yet, when you do turn up for an appointment, the place is empty.

They need to change the GP's pay from number of patients to number of patients seen/treated.

  gengiscant 11:48 26 Jan 2011

Same as 'spider9' except I'm in a city Edinburgh.I have never had to wait more than a day.
But to be told I would need to wait a month is ridiculous.

  spuds 11:50 26 Jan 2011

"because they want to arrange a 24hr monitor".

This will then make the timespan even longer, because these appointments are usually serviced by the 'local' hospital chosen by the GP which deals with heart problems. If anything is found, then there will be the follow-ups, which might result in tread-mill exercises with heart monitoring etc.

Palpitations are usually not classed as life threatening important, but the GP practice should be able to do an ECG.

  HondaMan 11:59 26 Jan 2011

I live in a small community ion deepest Cornwall. Our doctors' surgery serves several villages spread over a large area. If you ring early in the morning you will most likely see your own doctor that day. If he is fully booked, you can see another, but I would say that 95% of patients see their own doctor on day 1. It's not a small practice, they have 6 doctors, several nurses andf quite a few additional staff, clerks, typists, receptionists, etc.

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