Absolute beginners forum - poor relative?

  anskyber 19:31 22 Nov 2005

Um, well as a relatively simple minded soul I would regard myself as an absolute beginner looking for a friendly face in this jungle of IT experts. Whilst not being intimidated by all the knowledge and frankly great advice given freely by "those who know" in my humble status as a "brainless" in exhalted company my inferiority is magnfied ten fold by the ignominity of knowing that I do not even merit a catagory on the opening page of the Forums. The others are there but not me. I am found in some dusty corner of the sub menu. FE any chance of us virgins being added to the list of the illustrious!?!

  jbp1982 21:08 22 Nov 2005

I have no idea what you just asked.

  De Marcus™ 21:21 22 Nov 2005

It's right there on the home page and all others as far as I can see.

  watchful 21:23 22 Nov 2005

Absolute beginners are not 'poor relatives' just people like yourself with only a smattering of knowledge.

  stalion 21:27 22 Nov 2005

there is no sub menu these are the forums
Digital World
Speaker's Corner
Absolute beginners

  anskyber 21:39 22 Nov 2005

I think the above should look at the opening page for the Forums. There are 7 individual forums but only 6 have a list of current topics listed under the headings. Absolute beginners is not one, thankfully I can see from the above that I am not alone!!

  Monoux 21:52 22 Nov 2005

I think anskyber means on the home page if you click Forums ( in between Blogs & Competitions) there are only 6 lists of the current top of the list questions and not one for absolute beginners, and he/she is right .

  anskyber 21:54 22 Nov 2005


  Monoux 21:58 22 Nov 2005

Well at least we now all know what we are talking about !!.. How to get something done is a different matter. I can only suggest anskyber that you contact ' the moderator ' at the top of each page there is a link to click on.

  mco 23:15 22 Nov 2005

Yes, fair point and I hadn't noticed that either. I think if PCA is to continue encouraging people to come on here and join the forums, especially absolute beginners, it should certainly be in that list. Unfortunately 7 is an odd number and I suppose not as aesthetic on the page but I'm sure there's a way! Maybe they could ditch the Speakers' Corner instead?

  Forum Editor 06:48 23 Nov 2005

in the near future.

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