about time something was done...

  Seth Haniel 13:24 08 Apr 2009
  Forum Editor 19:10 08 Apr 2009

and how?

  Seth Haniel 08:04 09 Apr 2009

funny they can track down and punish if you download a song ;)

  interzone55 08:20 09 Apr 2009

Yes, but the problem with spam is that the messages generally originate from territories beyond the reach of the police, and then use compromised PCs (or botnets click here) to rebroacast the messages.

If you traced the origin of a typical spam, and arrested the sender you would very likely arrest someone without AV & firewall, and unfortunately unprotected surfing isn't yet a crime...

  Rigga 08:35 09 Apr 2009

Well at the moment receiving email servers can easily check the senders address, so that if all receiving mails servers were setup correctly, there would be no fake from addresses.

Which doesn't stop spammers using real addresses as the from address. However surely, 90% or people who send email do so through one relay server, i.e. their ISP's and it wouldn't be too hard for that server to track if the message came from itself.

That way even if the spammers faked a real from address the server from which it was supposed to come would reject the "Is this email address ok, and this message from you!" ckeck.

There are probably problems with this method, like the small percentage of people that use several relay servers to send messages using the same from address, but surely these could be sorted, with a little bit of lateral thinking!

Like not only do you need the u/p for the relay you are sending through but you need the u/p for the domain relay (by which I mean the email server that is liked to the back end part of your email address) so that on sending the message, the temporary relay would contact the domain relay and ask for permission, and let the server know about the email so that it can verify it in the later stage.

Thoughts. R.

  jack 08:56 09 Apr 2009

My mail box is set that all mail goes to Trash
at some times over 200 a day.
Only names in my address book go to 'In'
A Look into trash with finger on right button to transfer anything of interest to 'In' then- clear then rest
Likewise a periodic visit to ISP mail box/Spam to check in case they got one wrong to transfer - then clear that too..

Alternatively keep the Email client off and look at your mail at the ISDP inbox as above, when satisfied you have what you need- fire up the Email proggy get it in then shut down- that way the grot stays out.

  newman35 09:10 09 Apr 2009

I find 'Mailwasher' invaluable.
Most spam is not actually addressed to me personally, so I set the filter to 'only mail to..'. That takes care of nearly all the dross, automatically, the other odd one or two can then be 'blacklisted' before opening OE.

But the spam is still a damn nuisance!

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