Abdul abulbul amir

  pj123 17:48 26 Apr 2007

Anyone know?

I am trying to find the above track. I have tried Amazon, Google, and Playa but no luck.

I know I have this track on a very old reel to reel tape but as I have got about 130 tapes it will take me ages to find it.

  rodriguez 17:55 26 Apr 2007

click here that one?

  Forum Editor 18:02 26 Apr 2007

in 2.4 seconds.

click here

  Woolwell 18:47 26 Apr 2007

Track 2 on Peter Skellern's "the Singer and the Song". Had to find the CD which was in my car - not sure that I should've admitted that.

  pj123 18:53 26 Apr 2007

Sorry, but both the above I have already found, and although they are the right song I am looking for a chart singer.

  Forum Editor 18:55 26 Apr 2007


You didn't say that, but leaving that aside, what's your definition of a chart singer?

  BT 07:49 27 Apr 2007

Lyrics Here - click here

  Jim Thing 09:37 27 Apr 2007

Somewhere in a dusty box I have the original versions of Abdul Abulbul Amir and The Return of Abdul ... etc. sung by Frank Crumit, both on 78s. I can dig them out and put them on tape cassette or CD for you if you like.

  donki 11:56 27 Apr 2007

Did i hear u say record to cassette??!!! How is this different to the torrents everyone hates so much on here? :p

  Jim Thing 15:09 27 Apr 2007

Fair cop — I suppose I was offering to do something that's illegal. On the other hand I can't see that making one copy of two 80-year-old songs (from records that are my own property) and then giving it away constitutes an offence worth hauling me up in court for. But from the legal point of view I'd have to admit that there's probably no difference at all. Unless...

...I understand that the legal protection afforded to the copyright-holders of written/printed material lapses after a number of years(?) Does something similar apply to recorded music?

  Kate B 15:13 27 Apr 2007

oooh, that's an interesting point. Yes, copyright does in most cases lapse after 50 years. Cliff Richard is upset about it.

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