AA, return to sender.

  robgf 00:50 13 Jul 2008

I received my new AA card this week and glancing through the letter that accompanied it, I notice that they now offer to recycle your old AA card, if you post it to them.
What a brilliant idea, waste an envelope, stamp, transportation and processing time, all to recycle a credit card sized piece of plastic.
Very green, I don't think.

  Forum Editor 09:02 13 Jul 2008

would be not to send you a new card in the first place.

  Sapins 09:48 13 Jul 2008

They could change all the "livery" colour to Green!

  jack 10:52 13 Jul 2008

would be not to send you a new card in the first place.
Wrote FE
Good thinking
This is not a 'Money Card', it is Membership Card and so long as the m ember is paid up to date and on the data base that is all that is required.
Whether the member phones in or the Patrol checks it out- the status is checked out before any action takes place.
'Greenitus' strikes again

  GRIDD 11:00 13 Jul 2008

I have a plethora of plastic cards and Tesco recently sent us (so not just the AA) replacement clubcards with new designs. The old ones still work as my sister is generous enough to give me her points and uses it regularly :)

  €dstowe 11:24 13 Jul 2008

With the Tesco cards, I didn't receive my new one so I was given 1000 clubcard points as "recompense".

Eh? I hadn't lost anything, I just hadn't received a new card - which was rectified two days later in the post.

Oh well, 1000 points is £10 so I'm not refusing it.

  spuds 11:50 13 Jul 2008

1000 points, I suppose that was a gesture of good will for being a loyal customer. Wish the AA was like that. After being with them for over 30 years I found it was cheaper and much better to go elsewhere. When I mentioned this to them, they wasn't a bit interested. In my case loyalty definately didn't pay :O(

  peter99co 12:58 13 Jul 2008

You may notice that the small card from Tesco is for use on your key ring and they will send them back if handed in at the shop when lost.

  pj123 16:50 14 Jul 2008

Yes I agree with the FE and jack.

I belong to the RAC and I get a new card every year. It is the same every year. There are no Start/End dates listed on it. All it has is my membership number and "Member since 1985".

As long as I pay my yearly subscription nothing is going to change so why send me a card every year?

  Forum Editor 17:59 14 Jul 2008

My RAC card is the same - no reference to dates whatsoever, except the 'member since ...' part. It could easily last years and years, yet they send me a brand new one every twelve months.

I feel a busybody letter coming on.

  pj123 16:38 20 Jul 2008

FE, I sent the RAC an email, still waiting for a response. Did you do a "busybody letter"?

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