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  Seth Haniel 08:30 23 Mar 2011

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A teenager has described his amazement after being quoted almost £33,000 to insure his second-hand car

  spuds 09:16 23 Mar 2011

I wonder what would have happened, if daddy or mummy were rich enough to have paid. But then I suppose, the young man would not have been trying to insure a old second-hand car.

A number of years ago, while being an AA member, I received a car insurance quote from the AA (with extra discount for being an AA member). Having done a comparison via a local broker, using the same main insurance company, with the same like for like conditions applicable. I asked the AA why their quote was well above that of the local broker (even with their special members only discount). Never really did get a clear explanation for that, so the local broker won the sale.

  Seth Haniel 09:21 23 Mar 2011

and Couldn't understand why I didn't want to stay with them - the one i'm with now undercut them by £300 that's why

always pays to shop around

  Seth Haniel 10:08 23 Mar 2011

th Mirror/Express/Mail/Sunday Mail and ITV to run with the story then ???


  onthelimit 10:45 23 Mar 2011

My insurance due for renewal this month. Renewal premium up from £220 to £349. Went onto go compare - the same company quoted £10 less than last years premium! Went with Saga in the end for £190 (not bad for a Cooper 'S').

  Chegs ®™ 10:52 23 Mar 2011

Many moons ago when I was actually a teenager,I had an absolutely dreadful driving record(17 endorsements/5 bans)I was also still a provisional licence holder,we had no internet price comparison sites and I went to a local broker for a quote.The very pretty young lady behind the counter took my details and simply pointed out the cycle shop across the road before returning with a quote for almost £9000 to insure a £200 Fiat.I was also quoted almost £3000 to insure a 50cc moped.Instead of crying about it,I decided to continue cycling until my licence became clean(I was 30yrs old before this happened)I was slightly puzzled as to why it became much more expensive to insure a vehicle third pary only than fully comprehensive until I learned that many people were insuring their vehicle third party fire & theft,then miraculously their vehicle was "stolen and burned out"I now enjoy fully comprehensive insurance for under £300 which also covers my partner who has just a provisional licence,I realise that these low prices for cover are because of our ages and "new customer" discounts as renewal each year is always at least double the price.I presently need business use added to my policy but my insurer doesn't provide any type of business cover so I tried a price comparison site,this produced a cheapest quote of £400 but when I attempted to get this cover I was refused.I was not given the reason for the refusal,but my guess would be that my partners provisional licence plus delivery driver is simply to great a risk.I just hope that this refusal does not increase my renewal in october as every time I go to get a quote,one of the questions asked is "have you ever been refused insurance?" and I have never been refused insurance until asking for a change of use on my policy.

  WhiteTruckMan 17:55 23 Mar 2011

to my insurance providers because they make no effort to retain my buisness, treating my renewal after 12 months as something to be taken for granted, so they can charge whatever figure they pull out of thin air. Thats why I have never used the same company twice running. I tried once some time back, by getting an online quote that was £220 cheaper than my renewal quote from the same company. When I tried to actually buy online it refused as they already insured the same vehicle. I tried contacting them by phone as it was a competative price, only to be told that it was for new custimers only!

As for the £33k quote, thats simply absurd. It seems to me like they dont really want to carry the risk, which is fair enough, but they should have the grace to decline insurance rather than quote silly numbers.


  AL47 21:52 24 Mar 2011

My quote went down from 900 to 600 this year, guess it's cause I turned 25 but it's also now 12 rather than 10 months, also 3 years no claim.. pretty good for 25 yo and honda S2000

  AL47 21:53 24 Mar 2011

Same provider btw, didn't even shop around as last year this provider was 900 cheaper than any other

  OTT_B 22:08 24 Mar 2011

My insurance also went up this year...well kind of anyway. The premium for me went up by about £20 to £250 after a bit of shopping around, but my 32 year old partner, who has only just passed her test, is a further £850 to insure fully comp on a horribly dull 1.8L Mondeo. Yeeesh.

I can understand why insurance companies don't want young drivers on their books - the risks are simply too high. And as the AA have rightly pointed out, the quote should never have appeared.

Personally, I wouldn't mind paying a little extra on my policy so that young drivers can have sensible cars and insure them at sensible rates. That's probably not the most popular thing I will say today!

  Forum Editor 22:58 24 Mar 2011

they pull out of thin air."

Dear me, I expected better than that from you, WTM. Please don't tell me that you believe insurance companies simply make up a premium, based on nothing?

The £33k figure was an error - the AA made that pretty clear. I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually have regarded it in any other way.

fourm member's assessment is spot on - silly news editors, desperate for yet another 'the world's gone mad' filler story have a total common-sense failure.

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