A380 hits other aircraft

  Colin 15:36 12 Apr 2011


Amazing video. I suppose if the A380 had hit a bigger plane the damage would have been more severe. I bet the people in the smaller plane got a shock!

  lotvic 15:45 12 Apr 2011

OUch, bang goes the no claim discount...

  johndrew 16:16 12 Apr 2011

The ramp supervisor and captain of the other aircraft may have some questions to answer. It looks as if the aircraft was parked either overhanging the taxi area or very close to it.

  Graham. 16:38 12 Apr 2011
  Pineman100 17:40 12 Apr 2011


What? It hit a taxi, too?!


  sunnystaines 18:18 12 Apr 2011

this happens quiet often dealt with similar incidents when i worked at heathrow none caused injury just expensive repairs

  morddwyd 20:20 12 Apr 2011

When marshalling aircraft in confined areas we used to employ wing-tip" men, visible to both the marshaller and the pilot (very few modern big jets have wing-tips which can be seem from the flight deck).

On more than one occasion I have stood with one hand above the other indicating vertical clearance of the wing, instead of outstretched side by side indicating lateral clearance!

Give pilots their due (bottom line was that it was their responsibility), I only once had a "refusal", when I had him less than a foot from a hangar door and was calling him on with crooked fingers!

To be fair to the guy he was driving a Mk 2 Shackleton, a Lancaster look alike, with two big cannon sticking out of the front.

He also had the grace to apologise, saying he did not wish his pension to depend on the brakes "dipping" as he stopped, which I thought not unreasonable!

  Grey Goo 21:18 12 Apr 2011

Aircraft are getting bigger and bigger. Parking prettily will become ever more important.

  Grey Goo 21:21 12 Apr 2011

I wonder when that irritating guy with the vibrating moustache will pop up singing.

  flycatcher1 22:48 12 Apr 2011

morddwyd A chap I knew was courtmartialed for damaging an aircraft in a taxying accident - I think that it was a Victor. He was found Not Guilty when it was proved that it was impossible for the Pilot to see the wing tips and he had to trust external help.

This was after he was awarded a DSO for landing a Sunderland on the Yangtse to rescue wounded sailors from HMS Amethyst.

  ams4127 23:03 12 Apr 2011


My first day at work on RAF Gan. Sent to B/F Shackleton Mk2 sitting on pan. Book in hand (never worked on them before) climbed into cockpit and switched power on. Warning siren goes off next to my ear, control column starts shaking and rattling around, all hell breaking loose!! Switched power off - silence. Looked outside to see the rest of the shift laughing their heads off.

Turns out that it was a trick played on all newcomers. The stall warning test switch is left "on", so that when power is applied....you can guess the rest!

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