'999? I Need £1 For My Trolley'

  sl2 20:21 31 Jan 2008

Some people eh

click here

  jack 20:33 31 Jan 2008

The various force PR dept put these stories out from time to time to gee the idiot public up.

999 calls for a cab or train time or where the nearest take a way is.
they are all trotted out- that is not so say such calls are not made- but the PR blurb is put about regularly.
At the same time a you woman phoned because she had just alighted from the last train- and was faced with no taxis or means of contacting friends relatives to pick her up and became unnerved with the prospect of a long lonely walk home. or so it was reported elsewhere

The operator told her this was not an emergency as indeed it was not in a strict sense-when in fact it could have been a potential one - later.
People really must make their provision for their well being not live life in a dream and expect others to pick up the pieces.

  sunny staines 20:35 31 Jan 2008

perhaps the same people also took part in the tv quiz on the other thread.

  Stuartli 00:40 01 Feb 2008

>>The various force PR dept put these stories out from time to time to gee the idiot public up.>>

Utter drivel.

It's done to illustrate the stupidity of certain members of the public.

  interzone55 09:05 01 Feb 2008

One point made on TV this morning is that the police do not have a standard "non-emergency" number.

For instance about a year ago my car was broken into, so I phoned 999 - yes it wasn't an emergency, but without the aid of a phone book how on earth am I supposed to know the number of the local police station? And assuming I did know the number, what's the chances of it being staffed.

When I did get the number off the 999 operator and phoned the police station they didn't really want to know anyway. There was a really nice bloody hand print on the roof because the scrote had obviously cut themselves on the broken window, but they couldn't spare anyone to come out to collect the prints. I offered to drive the car to the station but they said any prints would be compromised by moving the car.

So I just got the window fixed and cleaned to blood off the roof and jet another crime went unreported because the police couldn't be bothered.


We need a national non-emergency number for reporting crimes. Didn't the police try to introduce one but the government weren't interested?

  anskyber 09:46 01 Feb 2008

They do, or rather did but funding is drying up. click here

  jack 10:33 01 Feb 2008

There are local no urgent numbers here and there force by force. But that is of little avail if you wish to speak in an area with which you are not familiar
Indeed This very week we have had a card through the door giving us the names and contact numbers of our local beat people,

  jack 10:38 01 Feb 2008

Utter drivel?.

It's done to illustrate the stupidity of certain members of the public.
Not drivel Stuartli it is exactly what I meant the stories are put out to illustrate or to make the public aware.
All forces do it from time to time - very often the stories are the same- perhaps because the idiot public keep making the same errors but I suspect also there is a Home Office hand here with a 'template' or example sheet to follow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:42 01 Feb 2008

'999? I Need £1 For My Trolley'

sounds as if she's off her trolley,

Attacking, abuse, or misuse of the emregency services should invoke fines or sentances.

  newman35 11:56 01 Feb 2008

I agree that a 'national' non-emergency police number would be better.
Our local authority have just moved all their police non-urgent contacts to an 0845 number - what is often refered to as 'covert premium rate' because it can cost you more than dialling an ordinary 01..... number.
This is not likely to endear the police to us if they want us to give information etc., yet insist on making us pay extra for the privilege.

  Bingalau 13:27 01 Feb 2008

My wife uses a charity token for her supermarket trolleys. Most supermarkets sell them for £1 and some of the money goes to charity. You keep it on your key ring and I think it's a good idea as it can't be spent and pretty hard to lose.

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