9/11 Ten Years on...

  Autoschediastic 12:58 29 Aug 2011

We have all been saturated with stories over the decade the conspiracy theories and the not so convincing governmental answers, i for one have some 7000+ photo's of 9/11 i was given from a good friend who works for the NYPD they are as horrific as it comes so its not something i advertise but due to the fact PCA keep our ID's hidden from everyone i dont mind telling you this,

There is some very intresting photos as well as some terrible one's too, for those that dont believe in the conspiracy theories i would advice you to spend a few pounds and buy a book called "Crossing the Rubicon" its shocking! (See its reviews near bottom of this page speaks for itself!)See Here

I am honestly on the fence with all what happened and we will never really know the which story is the truth? Here is another site that shows you the progress of the site and u can click on the pic for a bigger size or click on the pic's to the right or scroll down them for more: See Here

God bless them all...

  bremner 13:27 29 Aug 2011

Yet again I am completely off the fence.

It is very straightforward - AQ terrorist hijack planes and crash them or intend to crash them into buildings - no conspiracy.

  Kevscar1 13:33 29 Aug 2011

only among the terrorists

  Forum Editor 15:06 29 Aug 2011

These silly conspiracy stories will go on and on, and there's little point in churning the whole thing over yet again.

What's remarkable is the transformation that has taken place on the site. I was there about six months after the event, and I've been back several times since then. I've watched as they set about turning a huge empty space into a very beautiful development - it's well worth seeing if you're in New York.

  daz60 15:30 29 Aug 2011

To weave a web of intrigue is the conspiracy theorists greatest conspiracy.

From Roswell via the Illuminati and jewish cabalists and Freemasons to the Bilderbergs and circles in a field they provide circumstantial evidence but little in the way of verifiable facts.

The latest has more evidence in that guns from police sources,in the USA, 'somehow' found their way into the hands of drug gangs in Mexico.

As i see it sometimes the conspiracy theorists play into the hands of Government by distorting info and misinforming the public in exactly the same way they deride.

Have to watch his you tube videos though,sometimes an alternative point of view is needed.

The only shocking thing about all this is that if any theory is found to be true that people will be shocked,are they that naive about what is done in their name.

  morddwyd 16:33 29 Aug 2011

Every time somebody comes up with a conspiracy theory on this forum it is quickly squashed.

Perhaps too quickly.

Is there a hidden agenda somewhere?

  Forum Editor 16:47 29 Aug 2011


I think conspiracy theories are quickly squashed because sensible people see through them.

The humour in your post didn't elude me, by the way.

  bremner 17:02 29 Aug 2011


You have hit the nail on the head.

I have often wondered about PCA.

Pi is used to work out the circumference of a circle. To go full circle you therefore replace the P with the I, solve the anagram and it then becomes clear who the true brains of this "so called" computer forum are.

And the final proof, if proof were actually needed, is that Forum Editor is in fact an anagram of 'doom fruiter' - need I say more.

  Forum Editor 17:34 29 Aug 2011


See that car outside? You may have to leave the country very quickly.

  Al94 21:01 29 Aug 2011

It would be naive in the extreme to have a closed mind and blindly accept the "official" version of 9/11 events

  Forum Editor 23:20 29 Aug 2011


The "official" version? The aircraft flew into the towers in full view of hundreds of people. There can hardly be any other version of events can there?

All the dozens of different conspiracy theories have that one, incontrovertible element to them - they are theories, and not one of them has been substantiated, despite millions of words, and endless media interviews over the years.

Accepting the fact that Al Qaeda terrorists flew planes into buildings isn't having a closed mind, it's being realistic. I invite you to give me one good reason why I should think otherwise.

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