9/11 Seventh Anniversary

  BT 07:46 11 Sep 2008

I will never forget watching in disbelief as this happened

  €dstowe 08:38 11 Sep 2008

There was something very eerie for me in this.

Normally I never switch the TV on during the day but, this day seven years ago I felt a strange compulsion to do so, having a feeling that something important was happening. There it was - just as the second aircraft was making its impact.

I was extremely shocked and felt nauseous. Only a few weeks previously, I'd had a breakfast meeting with a client in the restaurant there.

  DANZIG 08:48 11 Sep 2008

There is a programme with the above title. Its the video footage that the rookie fireman who was caught up in the situation filmed.

Unbelievable footage on it. I strongly recommend you see it.

I think 9/11 is like 'JFK' moment for a new generation. My dad always said he knew what he was doing when JFK was shot and I will always remember what I was doing when the twin towers were destroyed.

  BT 16:33 11 Sep 2008

I remember this as well.
I had just got in from Evening classes and it was on TV.

  Forum Editor 18:53 11 Sep 2008

on Channel 4 at nine tonight - about the woman who fooled everyone when she posed as one of the 19 people who were at or near the point of impact and survived. She claimed that her fiance was killed, and she became president of the relatives association.

  Bapou 23:20 11 Sep 2008

We watched the programme and it was interesting. Feelings are so mixed as to why she made up the story yet all agreed she did so much good in helping the real survivors.

The narrator said the New York Times story on her being a fake shocked the World. I must have missed that, tonight's programme was the first we had heard of her.

The ending brought the biggest surprise, she was not even an American, being from a prominent Spanish family and no where near Near York on 9/11.

  Bapou 23:23 11 Sep 2008

Sorry, for the typo, should read New York not Near York on 9/ll.

  laurie53 08:17 12 Sep 2008

Already the memory is being blurred.

Several news items have referred to the fact that this attack triggered the Iraq and Afghan conflicts.

No link I'm afraid as they were live.

However Iraq was triggered by alleged WMD, and in fact Saddam was bin Laden's sworn enemy.

Al Qaeda, or any other terrorist group apart from a few desperate Kurds, was totally unable to operate in Iraq until Tweedledum and Tweedledee dismantled the Iraqi security forces`without having any idea what was to replace them.

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