9 October 2007

  lisa02 12:31 25 Aug 2007

Is when Atlantis series 4 starts on Sky One.

Can't wait for it and I am eagerly looking forward to the SG-1 movies in 2008.

Caution on googling for info, I landed on the gateworld website and unwittingly read a bit of a spoiler. Doh!

  DrScott 14:53 25 Aug 2007

there would be another series of SG-1. Do the SGC every defeat the Ori completely? What does Adrea get up to? Or will the films reveal all?!

Just started on SG-A.

  lisa02 22:00 26 Aug 2007

The films tie up the Ori story line and a bit more.

Stargate Continuum and Stargate The Arch of Truth are the titles, due in 2008. They are behind as they initially aimed for a "fall" 2007 release.

Adrea confirmed that the Ori are dead although she ascended herself, perhaps filling the void with a new generation of Ori? is my guess.

I can't wait to see the films - RDA is hopefully guest spotting in them, probably in Continuum, since it's about different realities and time travel.

The Arch of Truth will probably deal with The Ori and Adrea. I'm guessing "The Arch of Truth" will most likely be a method of revealing the truth to the millions of followers of Origin.

These are just my theories based on the titles of the movies.... Did I mention I can't wait?

  Strawballs 22:07 26 Aug 2007

Being with VM can't get sky one and won't be blackmailed into it so waiting for season 3 to come out as a box set and have upto season 9 of SG1 I can't wait for sean 3 of SGA.

  Strawballs 22:08 26 Aug 2007

oops that should read season

  lisa02 22:09 26 Aug 2007

As for Atlantis series 4 it looks to be quite a good series. It's carrying the Stargate franchise on it's own at the minute so the producers will need to have put a huge amount of effort into it.

Rachel Luttrell aka Teyla Emmagan is pregnant in it and there'll be a new species born. Rachel is pregnant in real life and the writers accommodated her by putting in this story line - it should be fun.

  Strawballs 22:10 26 Aug 2007

How is your Rachel Tayla doing?

  lisa02 22:18 26 Aug 2007

Really well, piling on the weight and is generally as good as gold. Wide eyed and pretty quiet unless she's hungry or dirty.

We just wrote a letter to Rachel Luttrell, my other half's idea, telling her about baby Rachel Teyla and wishing her well with her own pregnancy and stuff.

  Strawballs 22:26 26 Aug 2007

Glad to hear she's doing well will think of her when watching Atlantis

  DrScott 09:00 27 Aug 2007

if the Ori are dead, how did they almost wipe out SG-1 in Unending? And furthermore, how on earth is Te'alc going to manage now he's almost a hundred?! And I have to wait till 2008 to find out!!!

Oh well, I'll head over to the SG-A side and get into that. The Wraith are much cooler bad guys than the Goa'uld! Though Teyla is soooo very annoying :o)

  lisa02 15:53 28 Aug 2007

if the Ori are dead, how did they almost wipe out SG-1 in Unending?

Answer: They didn't, their followers did.

And furthermore, how on earth is Te'alc going to manage now he's almost a hundred?

Answer: Teal'c is a Jaffa and they are not human. They have a much higher life expectancy of which I am uncertain but Bra'tac has said his age several times and I think he's about 142 now. His age in season 5 was 137 assuming their year is the same as ours that would make him 142.

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