This 8Meg Malarky

  Snec 16:16 20 Jun 2006

Are people being misled or is it, more simply, that they do not understand. I have cut & pasted the following my post to a thread on the helproom. Of course I am prepared to be shot down by any one of the number of experts here.


Am I the only one but most sites, including the ones that I use regularly, are not significantly quicker now than when I was on half a meg. Having said that, I have always been satisfied with my connection in all respects. We used to tell those still on dial-up back then that BB is as quick as switching on a light. A slight fib sometimes but the difference was close.

I think these connection-speed-measurement thingys are more of a 'toys for the boys' to mess about with rather than serving any actual use. Okay, they are useful to check what the maximum speed available from your ISP actually is.

My read-outs are always top whack but, in use, any difference from my 512 days is barely perceptable. When all is said and done the speed of downloading a site to our computers is controlled by the speed of the server it is coming from together with other traffic using the internet. Remember we download everything we see, we don't *visit* it.

And there are other factors too but......

This 8Meg malarky is hype in the main. It is merely the maximum speed available and certainly nothing to worry about.

I certainly would not pay extra to have above 1Meg. I have it, but I did not ask for it. Yes, my readings are great. But my *true* speed is pretty much the same as it has been for the four+ years or so I've been on BB, due to these other governing factors.

Anyway, why the rush?

  wolfie3000 16:20 20 Jun 2006

I think its a bit of both,
People see it as the holy grail of BB speeds and think when they get it they will always have 8meg speed,

I personally dont see the point in having 8meg BB connection im on 1meg and it suites my needs for online gaming and such.

  silverous 16:36 20 Jun 2006

When you are quoted 8MB that is often a maximum.

I'm on ADSL Max or Plus or whatever it is called with theoretical 8MB but I'm getting a max of just over 1MB/s.

Visiting web pages on an 8MB connection versus a 1MB connection is a bit like driving a mini down an 8 lane motorway versus a 1 lane motorway - no different.

Your speed will depend on the latency as well as the bandwith. Latency is (effectively) like how fast your mini can go, bandwidth is the width of the motorway.

Downloading something "wide" (like a wide load carrying a crane) will be affected by your bandwidth but web browsing tends not to be bandwidth intensive and so the time to get your request off to the web site and back will be more key.

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:36 20 Jun 2006

I have used a few friends 8mb connections and for surfing the net they are not much different to my 2 Mb connection which has made me reconsider taking up Tiscali's offer of 2-8Mb for 3 squid extra. Downloading is quicker, not blisteringly so but I usually go and make a coffee as nothing is that urgent. Possibly for gaming it might be useful.........


  silverous 16:41 20 Jun 2006 very dependent on 'ping' times which are effectively a latency measure to my knowledge. Bandwidth should not impact games unless you are having to download lots at the same time or need to download for example levels etc.

I played BF1942 and such games on a 512mbps connection with no issues.

  wolfie3000 16:46 20 Jun 2006

Gaming whether on 8meg or 1 meg theres no difference,

As silverous said its all about ping times i usually get 60 or less on halo on 1meg.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:47 20 Jun 2006

If you live near the exchange, and have a good line, the 8Mbps services can make a big difference to downloads, although as GANDALF <|:-)> points out it doesn't make a huge difference to page loading times. However I downloaded Windows Vista 64bit in less than 90 minutes, 4.01GB.

  spuds 18:12 20 Jun 2006

According to my exchange report, it supports 5Mbps and 'possibly greater'. I like the 'possibly greater' bit, especially when 8Mbps is what ISP's are suggesting that I subscribe to/for.

  djack 19:33 20 Jun 2006

Hi all for my input I have to say I am worse off now than when I was on a 2mb dowload!!!

I changed over to the higher speed 8mb capped at 2gb cpacity for £14.99.
Only to find it was noticeably slower so opted for the next option up at about £18.00 and a dowload limit of 10gb just to get a faster speed!!
On the option 1 £14.99 I was testing on the usual broadband test sites and registering speeds akin to dial up!!!!! before broadband ever got off the ground!
So I am not impressed at all this isp provider is Eclipse the line is tested at 6.5 mb capcity by bt so I don't know what or who is to blame for erratic speeds any suggestions appreciated.

  Input Overload 21:04 20 Jun 2006

The upload speed increase from 30ish to with me the high forties is very useful when needing to move large files around. For that alone it's well worth having.

  wee eddie 00:03 21 Jun 2006

Does not your download speed also depend on.

How busy the site you are downloading from is.

How busy the net is.

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