Mr Mistoffelees 20:07 15 Nov 2004

Real broadband is coming, for some click here

  powerless 20:51 15 Nov 2004

Some would say that REAL broadband is 512kbps and not 256kbps...


  CurlyWhirly 21:04 15 Nov 2004

Would there really be ANY need for a 8 m/bit service?
At only £39.99 a month this sounds REALLY good value but I wouldn't EVER be able to get it as I live around 5km from my exchange and you need to be within 2km to qualify!
Even though there are some set-up costs this is worth paying as £39.99 for a 8 m/bit service is good value for money IMHO.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:11 15 Nov 2004

Fortunately I live within 1KM of the local exchange. Unfortunately UK Online are not offering the service here. However perhaps this is the first step toward high speed BB services at more reasonable prices in this country.

  Daz35 00:53 17 Nov 2004

Available here from next April.

I'm not sure I'd benefit from 8Mb though.

I'm on 750k and for the amount of downloading I use it for, I reckon it would be overkill.

How much faster can browsing get??

  Gaz 25 00:00 18 Nov 2004

I found a good upload speed! yey!

I might be considering this!

  Gaz 25 00:02 18 Nov 2004

Are there any usage restrictions?

We do not have a fixed bandwidth restriction. However we reserve the right to suspend or restrict your use of the Service if we consider it excessive. We would consider regular or recurring data transfer in excess of 4 Gigabytes per day to be an example of excessive use of our Broadband 8000 service.

Now.... I might in one day download 4gigs if I am downloading Linux core or something, but NOT every single day. Blimey, thats some bandwidth!

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