85 Year Old being plauged by Serif salesmen

  Seth Haniel 15:51 16 Sep 2008

made the mistake of registering some coverdisk software and now will not leave him alone (my father)
I have managed to assign 80% of their emails to the Spam bin but how do I stop these phone calls ?

  interzone55 16:01 16 Sep 2008

Simple, telephone them and insist that they stop bothering your father.

Then register the line with the TPS
click here

Most legitimate companies abide by the TPS even if their call centres are in sunnier climes, so this should solve the problem.

If they continue to bother your father you can report them.

  RickyC :-) 16:16 16 Sep 2008

Hi Seth Haniel,

I'm confident that Serif will cease to contact your father if you request that he is removed from their marketing lists. I've made Serif aware of this thread, hopefully they will be able to respond directly and ensure your father is removed from the database.


Software Editor

  johndrew 16:48 16 Sep 2008

When registering the free software offered either on the DVD/CD from PCA or any other source, the sales people will always try to get you to buy the latest offerings - this is only understandable as they must also eat.

Part of their patter is to ask for contacts (e-mail, telephone address) and they also ask if you would mind them contacting you. If you say "no" they leave you alone; I presume the reverse is also true even though I always ask that no contact is made.

My guess is that your dad missed the question - easy to do - and is being given offers on everything Serif produces. As Richard says, the resolution is a `phone call and you should be able to use the 0800 number used for registrations.

  RickyC :-) 09:06 17 Sep 2008

Dear Seth Haniel,

When contacting the Serif Registration line we will always make callers aware that we may use the details that they provide us with to contact them about future offers, and that if they would prefer to opt out to mention it to the advisor who takes the call.
Customers can always still opt out at any time after this though by contacting Serif Customer Service on 0845 345 6770.

Best regards

Alex Loach
Customer Care Manager

  Seth Haniel 09:27 17 Sep 2008

Great - sorted
very curtious chap -Charlie - has removed my fathers details and won't be csalling again ;)

  IClaudio 19:12 17 Sep 2008

Shame about your Dad, I also get calls from Serif (despite being signed up with the TPS), but actually I don't mind. The sales people are very courteous and take the joshing in good humour, they know that the sales pitch can be annoying.

But over the years, I've built up a good rapport with them and I've had several very good offers, saving a lot of money on their excellent software.

  BT 16:24 18 Sep 2008

You can always register software at Serif by going online - even 'free' coverdisc software. It s not necessary to phone them at all.

  tullie 17:27 18 Sep 2008

Its Serif calling thats this persons problem.

  Dragon_Heart 00:27 19 Sep 2008

You call to register your software ....

You give the software details and the code thrown up by the software registration ...

Then the conversation goes something like " Whilst we are waiting for the code to come onto the screen can interest you in this fantastic offer ........ "

I don't for one moment believe it takes more than a second for them to get the code back, who are they trying to kid ?

Now don't get me wrong, I have used Serif software since the days Page Plus 1 came on a single floppy disk, but I too got fed up with the phone call and got them stopped ......... eventually !

They do tend to 'upgrade' their software more regularly than most but it is good quality, easy to use and reasonably priced.

My advice to Serif .... don't push too hard.

  MCE2K5 03:04 19 Sep 2008

Why call to Register, Do it online at click here I always use this method, you still get the emails, But you do get plenty of discounts.

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