80% reduction in by 2050

  lofty29 16:02 07 Oct 2008

I se that the government sponsored yoyo's are at it again, on the news today they are calling for the UK to have its emmisions reduced by 80% in fourty years, no suggestion of course how this could be achieved, short of culling the population by that figure I have no idea. Maybe they know of some wonderful new technology that we do not, I sometime wonder if they are paid out of our money to sit around and think up impracticle ideas just to justfy their existance. No mention of other countries of course, so the Uk going to solve all the planets problems just by itself.

  bremner 16:15 07 Oct 2008

When is oil do to run out?

Couldn't be in the next forty years could it!

  interzone55 17:21 07 Oct 2008

We will soon have the technology to remove the CO2 emissions from power stations, these will be buried or something.

Cars are getting more economical all the time, even the US has seen the light, now whether this is to combat global warming or because petrol is now $4 a (US) gallon is open for debate.

The thing is that oil is running out, and no more is being made. The high price of oil & gas has made it financially viable to re-open the coal mines that Thatcher closed out of spite, but coal won't last for ever.

So what other countries do is up to them, but we need to cut back on the use of fossil fuels and find a suitable alternative...

  Pineman100 18:13 07 Oct 2008

80% reduction in carbon emissions in forty years?

Cloud cuckoo land. No chance. Science fiction. Out of the question. Can't be done. Impossible.

So we're all doomed.

Have a nice day.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:17 07 Oct 2008

Could someone expalin how a new airport will help in this reduction. I am somewhat confused.


  oresome 18:24 07 Oct 2008

Your confusion arises from thinking we will work towards the objective in the intervening years.

In reality, we'll turn the lights and everything else off in 39 years or so!

  peter99co 19:06 07 Oct 2008

with a mini-nuclear power plants in the fire box.

At least they look good. (Its back to the future or backs to the wall)

I suppose we will have to run Trams and Trains on Electricity made in Nuclear Power Stations owned by the French or is it the Spanish.

  oresome 19:21 07 Oct 2008

It's French. The banks are Spanish and will finance the deal.

  canarieslover 19:22 07 Oct 2008

With the government trying to completely build over the Thames corridor there is no chance that we will meet that target in this area. Perhaps they will do what some companies are now doing to prove their 'Green' credentials, carry on business as usual but plant a few trees to offset their carbon footprint. Whatever happens the government in power at the time will be able to prove that they have succeeded with the careful presentation of statistics, and we all know what statistics can show. Anything you want them to!!

  peter99co 19:24 07 Oct 2008

We will have to hope the £/euro rate is in our favour then.

  lofty29 19:24 07 Oct 2008

If the body which preduced this report had said something like the UK needs to reduce its dependancy on fossil fuels by 80% by 2050 then I could have gone along with it, however I could have told them that for nothing, without spending god knows how much of the taxpayers money. Even if they had said the uk government needs to invest in finding technology to achieve this end, both for environmental reasons and economic reasons would have been reasonable. I think they are coming up with things that the think their paymasters want to hear so as to perpetuate their own existance

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