£650 for a sack o' spuds

  VoG II 16:37 05 Oct 2010

click here

How can people be so gullible?

  Brumas 16:40 05 Oct 2010

Perhaps they had never heard the expression 'A pig in a poke' ;o}

  TopCat® 16:45 05 Oct 2010

Hi VoG™

They certainly got a 'roasting' on that one!

The gullibility of some people these days never fails to astound me. TC.

  Quickbeam 16:47 05 Oct 2010

A little bit of alchemy and a potato peeler, and they'll have some hi-tech chips to build they're own bio degradable PC...

  Forum Editor 17:25 05 Oct 2010

It's certainly difficult to understand how anyone would agree to buy a laptop from a complete stranger who approached them in the street.

Someone I once worked with agreed to buy a 40" Sony TV for £300 from a man who drew alongside him in a filling station. He had a van, and opened the back doors to reveal a stack of boxes, one of which he opened so my colleague could view the goods. The TV was brand new, all the manufacturer's guarantees and manuals were present and correct, and the deal was struck. While the colleague went to withdraw £300 from the forecourt ATM the seller helpfully unloaded the TV and left it behind the car.

My friend came back, paid over the cash, and together they lifted the TV into the boot, and went their separate ways.......you can see it coming, can't you?

When the box was unpacked it contained three pieces of MDF instead of a TV. Total value, about £6. To make matters much worse it was unpacked with great ceremony in front of the colleague's wife and her mother, and when he picked up the MDF to throw it out the middle of the three sheets slid out and put a big dent in the brand new oak floor.

  Covergirl 19:28 05 Oct 2010

. . . .who pulled up besides us in our little village on Saturday morning. He had a brand new memory foam mattress in the back and we could have it for nowt.

Come on I said to TOH - you don't get owt for nowt.

It makes you think afterwards that you could have had a bargain, but I've seen The Real Hustle on TV with the laptop trick (and read of many others) so I wasn't taken in.

  finerty 20:35 05 Oct 2010

i was approached in diy store and the man was selling me a laptop, showed me the laptop he had in his hand said he s got some boxed in the back of a van. told the staff at the diy said they couldn't do anything.

reminded of the time read in a newspaper about some people selling laptop and desktops from a back of the van already boxed. When people bought them and got home home opened the package only to find planks of wood bricks etc

  finerty 20:36 05 Oct 2010

remember children are gullible so are teenagers

  cycoze 22:31 05 Oct 2010

There was some German guy several years ago tried a scam on a computer shop with potatoes, he bought a tower and took it back as it did not work, the shop gave him another tower, he brought that back demanding his money back, both towers had the contents removed and swapped for spuds.

  spuds 23:27 05 Oct 2010

Laptop scams have been around for quite some time now. One of the most noted tricks, was the substitution of the laptop for two bottles of water. You did gain a bargain laptop case for your money though.

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